Soft…but dry

16 men gathered on a muggy winter’s morning to see how their day would start…

QIC: Fire Chicken
Pax: Pyscho, Mayweather, Popeye, Love Boat, Skinner, Java, Tom B, Spud, Ace, Sand Trap, Buzz Kill, Brickyard, Luthor, Boze, & Mount ME

Mosey to bum wash for:
SSH’s x 50 IC (always props to Paw-paw for the intro to this)
Slow soap drops x 10 IC
IST’s x 15 IC
Some arm circles

Mosey to new deck for the thang: quadro up one ramp and run up the next…rinse and repeat all the way to top of deck for 5 merkins, 5 freddy merks (l-r = 1) and 5 squats…run down the shaft to bottom and rinse and repeat except stop on next highest level continuing same exercises but add 5 more reps…rinse and repeat until finish at bottom for 25 of each…

Part dos: mosey back to OCT for some block work….10 curls, 10 presses, 10 skull crushers, 10 bent over rows, and 10 goblet squats…run to light at cabarrus and spring and add 5 more then run to light and drop back to 5 reps…added some planks in there as well.

No mary today.

Prayers/announcements: prayers to friend of Spud who tragically, and somewhat unexpectedly, lost his wife to cancer and has 4 children under 7 years old.  Prayers to Love Boat’s friend who’s facing an extremely difficult situation.  Also prayers for family we’ve chosen to help out over Christmas.

Moleskin…where in the world was El Abogado when you needed him today?  While I’m sure he would’ve modified something he would have never refused to get his back wet on the wet concrete of the parking deck like approximately 75% or more of the soft men of Concord did….El Ab, many of these pax need a refresher on the “Stay Hard” motto.  My best guess is so many of them, who will remain nameless, have been beaten into submission by their wives they no longer remember what the man they look at in the mirror used to really be like.  It was quite a sight to see about 13 of the 16 men present huddled in the warm and dry shaft as to not get the slightest bit wet while doing freddy merks…

I truly worry about our future 🙁

I digress…

During this time of year please continue to remember to be thankful for all we have, the community we have and for those less fortunate not to mention the many people that always struggle through the holidays.

Always an Honor,

Fire Chicken