The Dignified Q

The dignified Q:
Play this song in the background as you read this backblast as it was playing at groundwork’s during coffee:
When: 12/6/22
QIC: Luthor
Pax: TP; Java; Firechicken; homeland; checkmate; LMU
We had 7 stately gentlemen of class and honor gather for some exercise this morning. The weather forecast wasn’t good last night, but ended up behaving for this distinguished group of Men. The chatter was measured and civilized.
We took a dignified jog down Le Philip Ct. (pronounced Lay Fileep) for a warm up. Then we jogged up to the spine center for some exercises. After suitably warming our circulatory system, we headed back to the shelter for a little tabata.
The tabata was focused on strengthening our back muscles as we don’t often do. Mostly done with leg lifts from a plank position, Bird dogs, and Superman/iron man.
A unique morning as there was a dearth of vile profanity and vulgarity. Even checkmate told a joke. Some light Christmas jazz was on for a cozy cup o’ joe at GWC.
Now watch this fucking asshat teach a gun safety class – sorta like Matt Rhule coaching in the NFL: