Heavy Lifting with a side of whining

AO: F3Rollingstone
Q: heatstroke
PAX: LoveSeat, Life Alert, chachif3, Sparky, Mike Dooley, 3 way – F3 Davidson
FNGs: None
WARMARAMA: Various mosey mobility work, SSH, Abe Vigodas, Ape Vigodas, Lumbergs

THE THANG: Lift…and carry things. Head to nearby portico. KBs, Sandbags and ruck. 1 minute work then lap WITH coupons. Rotate. After some whining about the workout being too hard, we mixed in some cardio.

Head to main lot. Partner up. 50 burpees, 100 Merkins, 150 Squats. Partner runs to end of lot and back and relieves.

MARY: Low Flutters, LBCs, Box Cutters

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Celebrate the season with Kojak’s advent calendar of pain.

PRAYER REQUESTS: Baby Stetson, LA’s brother in law Mike’s kidney transplant hopes, injured pax including Chachi’s shoulder, KW and son at GR Tough (they got it done!) US Men’s soccer team (they DIDN’T get it done😒)

COT: Thanks for coming out gents. Great to welcome FNG Mike back out and christening him F3 Spooner. Also great to have 3 Way from Davidson over for a visit. Maybe should have had 3 Way and Spooner partner up this morning… Great 2nd F Coffeeteria after with an appearance from Soprano. Carrying heavy things is clearly not a Stoner specialty, we might need further work in that. Have a great rest of the weekend, no better way to start it than out with the pax.