Wet or Dry

AO: F3Afton
Q: bigblue
PAX: hop_hunter, terribletowel, Iron City, Guinness, Spaz, Geppetto, Moolah, Mick, bigblue, CPAP
FNGs: None
Big Blue Birthday Burpee Beatdown – 10 Pax showed up for a birthday party. I let the Pax decide whether they wanted to stay dry or get wet. A quick show of hands and dry we stayed.
WARMUP: jog over to dumpster and grab 2 bricks, SSH IC x 57, IST IC x 15, Windmill IC x 10, Penny Pickers IC x 10

THE THANG: Tabatas – First tabata 35 sec on, 25 off; exercise = Burpees. Get 10 burpees every cycle repeat 6 cycles and get 7 burpees on last cycle – 57 total burpees
Second Tabata – 20 sec on , 10 sec off; exercises = Derkins, step-ups, v-ups, reverse fly (with bricks), squats, low flutter, mountain climbers, lateral lifts (with bricks): cycles = 7
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Holiday Party tomorrow – 12/1 at High Branch

COT: prayers for Terrible Towels cousin and Patty, Audit and family.

Thanks for all those who showed for the party and put in the work. Not as fun as a normal beatdown but we got the work in and we are better for it. I appreciate 10 on a Wet Wednesday.