All aboard the pain train

AO: F3Dawghouse
Q: Honey Do
PAX: Buck, habs, cowbell
FNGs: None
4 joined together to earn some more Thanksgiving pie by putting in the work. YHC heard that the sharknado was looming, and had a rare opportunity to join the Wednesday crew, so I jumped on to save the guys from that torture. What ensued may have not been any better, but was at least more fun. And hey, we had a special visit from Habs, so those that weren’t there, you really missed out!

SSH x20
Toy Soldiers x10
Penny Pickers x10
Merkins x10
Arm Circles
Mosey around the lot

First stop, the tires. Grab the 2 bigger tires and pair off. P1 flips the tire 5 times while a P2 does the called exercise. P1 runs back, P2 flips while P1 exercises. Rotate through these 9 exercises.

Atomic Crunches
Stepback Lunges
Diamond Merkins

Mosey to the next stop, the concession stand

People’s Chair w/ Air Press x15 IC
Set 1: 10 Wall Taps, 10 London Bridge, 10 Donkey Kicks
People’s Chair w/ Air Press x15 IC
Set 2: 10 Mike Tysons, 10 Mountain Climbers, 10 RBCs

Mosey to the last stop on our tour, the courts.
3 exercises, then run a lap around the courts. each time through, reduce the reps by 2 until time is called, starting at 10, then 8, etc.
Exercises are Pull ups, Derkins and Dips

Head to center court for People’s Mary.
Habs – 1 Minute Habs abs
Buck – Pretzel Crunch
Cowbell – Crunchy Frog
Honey Do – Homer to Marge

The cruise is still on tomorrow, but will start at 6am. Still need a Q for Black Friday, but if left open, it will be filled by some nonsense that Buck or I concoct. Don’t leave it up to us, you know you’re going to be there, show us what you got!

COT: Lots of pain and hurt out there from physical injuries and ailments to loss of loved ones. Friends that have lost parents or children to tragedies like the helicopter incident and recent shootings to battles with health and complications. This time of year is hard as we reflect on those. We still have a lot to be thankful for, but that pain will still be there. Don’t run from it. Talk to your brothers, be an ear for others and remind them that we may not know what they’re going through, but it doesn’t change the fact that we are here for them and love them. My ear is always open, I truly love and care for you guys, don’t hesitate to talk or remind others that you care.

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