Thinning of Da Hogs

36F. 13 PAX


PAX: Spud, Tomby, Marlboro, Deertick, Hipbone, Catfish, Luthor, Hops, Bozeman, Homeland, Neverland, Trickdaddy

Q: Indy

WARM UP – Mosey looping around to grab Tomby rollin in at 531 but lookin fresh; First stop at REHAB for Tomby

SSH x 15

IST squats x 12

Slap Jacks x 15

Down Dog Merks x 12

Mt Climbers x 15

Mosey up to Belk Lot for more Warm Ups

SSH x 12

ISTs x 12

Loose Change x 12

Thang: 3 ladders with 2 stations at each end of the Belk lot about 125 yards apart

Ladder 1: WW2s 10 then run to end Burpees x 2 then run back to WW2s (always sums to 12; increase or decrease reps by 2 each time) End at WW2s 2 and Burpees 10

Ladder 2: Start at Rockers 10 and Jump Squats above

Ladder 3: Start at Core Killers 10 and DD Merks above

Time called at 0607.

Mosey back to AOMARY

Brazilians x 15

LBC x 15

Box Cutters x 15


Down dog to Runners Stretch


Happy Thanksgiving yall! Hope you all have a safe and wonderful day on Thursday! LOVE and TURKEY and stuffing and NAPS and FOOTBALL and THANKS.

The Thanksgiving tradition is, we overeat. ‘

Hey, how about at Thanksgiving we just eat a lot?’ ‘But we do that everyday!’ ‘

Oh. What if we eat a lot with people that annoy the hell out of us.’ “

Jim Gaffigan

Hope you are mostly with peeps you like and may the LIONS win.