Snarky Turtle

AO: F3Comanche
Q: Avalanche
PAX: forgottenjelly, FedEx, pongo, hammer, Avalanche
FNGs: None
1st 5.30 of the day, started with the disclaimer acknowleding non responsible people and entities, moseyed arpund the lot up to the road and back to upper lot for warmorama. Fedex delivery was late today.

Motivator 7 – 1
Penny picker ic10
Forward fold x ?
Mountain climber ic10
Pigeon stretch
Squat ic10

slow mosey to the playground hill for hillrun

partnwr up.. partner 1 runs up and down the hill while other partner does ww2 situps

called 20 but wrapped up at 12

then mosey down the dark side to the basketball shelter
declined merkin 15-10-5
dips ic 15-10-5
inclined merkin+box jump 15-10-5

walk to the rockpile for
Colt 45
declined cheat press x30
shoulder pressx20

Repeato in some fashion. and walk mosey to Mary lot

dying cockroach x15
low flutterx16

thursday beatdown with highlands brothers at
highland creek elementary school
UVA; Iowa; Colorado – prayers
– heal soon

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