How do you cure cold bells?

AO: F3Dawghouse
Q: Honey Do
PAX: Buck, Dawghouse MASH, Honey Do
FNGs: None
3 Gathered together for a freezing, kettlebell lifting good time. Though I must admit, as MASH and I stood there, we contemplated saying we didn’t see each other and could go back to our warm beds, but the fun thing about accountability, we’re both there, I have the workout planned, and anticipated working out, so let’s do this thing! oh, and then Buck showed up at some point, so definitely was worth it.

We also discussed methods of keeping warm like maintaining fur coats on our legs, layering pants and shirts, and warming our bells in the oven before throwing it into the trunk. After all, warm bells are lighter, right?

WARMUP: Haul our weights to the tennis court.
SSH x20
Windmill x10
Mosey to the parking lot to pick up a delayed Buck
Toy Soldiers x10
Low, Slow Squats x10
Arm Circles

THE THANG: TABATA! 45/15, 4 sets, 8 exercises.
1 – Outhouse Curls
2 – Overhead Press
3 – Side Lunges
4 – Tricep Extensions
5 – Sumo Squats
6 – High Rows
7 – Dead Lift (standard or single leg)
8 – Lawnmowers

Pretzel Crunch x10
RBCs x10

Mount Afton is coming!

Prayers for safe travels
Prayers for Audit
Prayers for injured and healing pax