Math, Cold Temps & Cheek Jelly

AO: F3Comanche
Q: buckwheat
PAX: forgottenjelly, Avalanche, hammer, buckwheat
FNGs: None
Jelly was the earliest to arrive, followed by those two-wheeling, right on time (barely), jabronis, Avalanche and Hammer. Where in the hell was the Q you might ask? Correct Answer: 2-3 minutes LATE. No need to provide an excuse since snoozing is a common occurrence for this old geezer. Snoozing was also going on at Pongo’s house this AM as he failed an HC.

WARMUP: Toy soldiers and lunge walks followed by very short mosey. SSH’s, MC’s, Merks, IST’s, & 5 burpees.
THE THANG: Partner up for 100 squats, 200 LBC’s & 300 Leg Press or Incline Merks on the picnic table. Partner 1 runs the length of the parking lot while partner 2 starts on the exercise. Swap roles, rinse and repeat until all reps are done. Added a few dips and step ups for dessert, followed by a mosey in front of school to the main entrance. 5 more burpees for good measure. Run to the end of sidewalk. Lunge walk back to the main entrance, stopping at each pillar for an escalating squat ladder (1-13).

YHC did a round of MARY (low dolly, squirm, pretzel crunch, and reverse crunch). The Pax thought we were done, but there were 10 minutes to spare. Guess y’all’s math was off.

Grab some curb for calf raises and Rocky Balboa (20 each). Quadraphelia the teacher’s lot stopping at each corner for an OYO pax choice exercise w/ 20 reps. Mosey to MARY lot for some more ab work.
MARY: Reverse crunch, Rosalita, LBC’s and full sit ups.

Jelly was back to his old self, clapping his own cheeks by crop dusting. Twas good to hear and not smell. LOL.

The story of Earl Fountain and Coach Westerfield’s math advice was told. #ShowToKnow

COT:Prayers up for UVA and Idaho University students and families in response to recent senseless acts of violence on those campuses.