Frosty’s Funhouse

Q: Frostbite
Pax: Slash, No Show, Brickyard, Sand Trap, Fire Chicken, Luthor, Skinner, Java, Popeye, Private Ryan, Spud, Catfish, Marlborough, Frostbite, Mountie, Hops, Mayhem
Mosey to Carolina Courts for the Funhouse warm up:
Cotton Pickers IC x 10
Windmills IC x 10
High Knees, Buttkickers, Carioca
The Thang:
16 Stations located around the parking lot. 1 person at each station. 40 seconds of exercise, 10 seconds to rotate to the next station. Repeato
Station 1: Wall Ball shot (squat with 20lb medicine, explode up and throw the ball against the wall 10 feet up)
Station 2: Deadlift 135# barbell
Station 3: WWII
Station 4: Walking Lunge with 35# plate carried overhead
Station 4: 50# kettlebell side bends
Station 5: Assault bike
Station 6: Turkish Get Ups with 35# kettlebell
Station 7: Farmer’s Carry with 40# dumbbell in each hand
Station 8: Box Jumps (24″ box)
Station 9: 50# kettlebell swings (2 hand hold between legs, swing up to eye level)
Station 10: Banded core hold (pull a band mounted to a post out in front of you with arms straight and hold)
Station 11: Jumprope
Station 12: Rowing Machine
Station 13: Medicine Ball Slams (from a kneel, raise 20# ball overhead and slam down)
Station 14: Devil’s Press with 153 dumbbells (burpee with dumbells overhead at the top)
Station 15: Plank
Station 16: Burpees
Repeato x 2 with sick 90s Pandora station blasting
Broga led by Cat
Good group this morning. As pax kept arriving, I was getting nervous I wouldn’t have enough stations and added 2 (WWIIs and Burpees) to accomodate. In hindsight, I should have placed burpee station elsewhere in the rotation since the bottom corner got shoulder heavy (devil’s press to plank to burpees to wall balls). I wanted to do something different and work some new muscle groups. Lot of groaning around the deadlift station, the Turkish getups, and box jumps. Although the kettlebell side bends will create a sneaky soreness tomorrow. Caught Java loafing on the assault bike. He then proceeded to crank it up to 400 watts for the remainder of the time. Cat was having difficulty with the box jump as was Luthor, which is surprising since it only came up to his ankles. Hillbilly next Thursday for those celebrating in town.
I appreciate the indulgence this morning. Based on feedback, we’ll have to do it again sometime.
Always a pleasure,

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