Flu Saves No Repeat November

AO: F3Highlands
Q: SugarF3
PAX: Ambassador, onj, Fescue, Snowsuit, Sandman, dropcloth, FedEx, SugarF3
FNGs: None
YHC arrives right on time jamming out some John Mayer Trio with Murdock still in the Mojave looking greenish and not feeling up to snuff. “It’s yours if you want it”, he says and with that I’m the Q. The plan? No plan other than letting the AO speak to me of course and boy did it! (Side noet: If you’ve not ever listened to The John Mayer Trio’s ‘Try! – Live In Concert’ you should. 3 of the best musicians around and possibly the greatest bass player, Pino” Palladino – any-who……)

WARMUP – Traveling disclaimer while we mosey to the big parking lot for warmup – we did stuff, the usual stuff.

THE THANG – Some suicide style stuff in the parking lot using the trees as markers with descending reps. Off to the Little Baby Hill for something never done before: Partner Wheel Barrows up the LBH for 1 round. Then on to the Big Baby Hill for a 2 to 10 ladder with Squats and Dry Docks – Quad up. Ant Hills worried some PAX but all survived unscathed.
Rail work with a “Joke Count” as a breather (Thanks Ambassador, PG-13 Rated)
Mosey to the School (YHC fails to clear a pylon jump but silently swears revenge) we partner up again for a Dora-style 50, 100, 150, Merkins, Squats and LBCs. Time to head back. (YHC gets revenge on the pylon and made it my bitch with a clean-ish jump).
MARY: Again the usual but with a 1 Minute plank finish
ANNOUNCEMENTS: None but prayers to all the Marathon runners and continued prayers for Greek and his family.

MOLESKIN: Workouts are hard. We get through them together and they are eventually over. We can get through hard times the same way. Thanks for following my lead!