9 years???

AO: F3Harrisburg
Q: Kojak
PAX: gamma, CPAP, Machuman (Machupicchu), Mullet, 6syllables, Tumbler, Constitution, talladega, Gold Rush, Magic Mike, Pink
FNGs: None
Moroccan Nightclubs
Mountain Climbers
Penny Pickers

4 Corners-9 reps of all of the following exercises for a 25 minute AMRAP
1st corner:  Jump Squats and Leg Levers
Bear crawl
2nd corner:  HR Mericans and Atomic Crunches
Reverse Lunge
3rd corner:  Mountain Climbers and RBC’s
Bear crawl
4th corner:  Shoulder Tap Mericans and V-ups
Reverse Lunge

3 PAX Grinder
1st stop(timer): 9 burpees
2nd stop: Squats
3rd stop: Flutter Kicks

Ran out of time
—Machuman is looking for businesses to partner with for the Christmas toy drive

—For 6syllables father, Eduardo, after his recent surgery

—Hard to believe that YHC has been at this F3 thing for 9 years. I’ve met alot of great guys and been involved in some awesome things during that time. I’m thankful for each and every one of my F3 brothers.
—Honored to have a couple Tradition brothers join us this morning. Thanks for making the drive over fellas!!!
—Pink was really pushing her dad and brother out there this morning. She’s one tough young lady 💪💪
—The Respects were really putting in the work this morning and weren’t showing their ages.
—Great to have Talladega out this morning before he starts throwing around 🎄
—Even after being out with a cold, Tumbler still didn’t lose his edge and stayed one step ahead of YHC.