What to do, What to do?

November 10, 2022


Q: Hipbone

Pax: Spud, Homeland, Mayweather, Indy, Firechicken, Total Package, Luthor, Tombstone, Hops, Private Ryan, Trick Daddy

Mosey to Belk

  • Slap Jacks x 20 IC
  • Right Over Left/Left Over Right
  • Hill Billys x 15 IC
  • Arm Cirlces

Mosey toward Hospital Deck

  • Pit Stop on the Way for Bear Crawl Chac-Ka-Lac-Ka Choo Choo x 1

Mosey to Top of Deck

  • Partner Up
  • Cumulative Count the Following while one partner is running a lap
  • Mike Tysons x 50
  • High Knee Squats x 150
  • Dying Cockroaches x 300 (single count)
  • Plank x 2
  • Mike Tysons x 50

Mosey to Mary


  • Ab Blast
  • Yoga Shit


Nice morning with some limping around after Grover’s 5000 Burpee Beatdown….glad I fartsacked for Wednesday.  Good chatter with plenty of moaning with Bear Crawl Choo Choo (a good lesson of why to wear your gloves).  Good showing of the ol’ timers with Indy, TP and the Q.  Just needed Skinner to round out the old dudes.  Its always a B**** when you start back after a break as Q gassed himself this am.  Prayers for our leaders and the election as results are not yet done.  Lifted up Mayweather for his efforts.  As dads, coaches, and mentors we have all told someone “its not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.”  In that case Mayweather came out on top.  I’m a firm believer in Karma….it just takes time.

Be the light,

Aye, Hip