Pre Veteran Day BD

AO: F3Rollingstone
Q: Life Alert
PAX: Manwich, Big Bird, Clickbait, Detention, heatstroke, Kumho, Life Alert, LoveSeat, SugarF3, Vespa-Odell
FNGs: None
WARMUP: mosey around the drop off lane and do some lines. F3 style lines, not the ones Heatstroke did at Clemson as an undergrad. Hop a fence to the hoops courts for SSH, PP, AB, AO, AC, TPS (yes!! Can’t believe this hasn’t clicked before..Bill Limburgh would be proud)
THE THANG: grab a partner and a coupon. Before coupling occurs some solo work on the wall. 10-1 ladder DK on the wall side slide hoops court with squats on the other side. Hopefully JB will take note of the beauty in the simple math of this ladder. Possibly sometime in the next 10-12 months when he Qs again.
Block work. Partner style. Run -quad back..100 Shoulder press, 100cb swings. Wall break fro partner BTW and slide x 2 sets. Back to blocks for 100 derkins, 100 jump overs. Return block and last PC burpees wave x 2.
Thank a Veteran 11/11/22. Some Veterans Day trivia during the BD
Currently approximately 24 million Vets in the US .
COT: prayers for Greek and his family and all in the path of the latest tropical storm