Where’s the Beef?

AO: F3Rollingstone
Q: schnitzel
PAX: schnitzel, Detention, Manwich, Vespa-Odell, Hot Pack, Kumho, SugarF3, LoveSeat, Soprano, jimmybuffett, @Beef @Backstop
FNGs: None
Great morning with moon casting shadows on the route, greenway and school track.
Poor man’s disclaimer given.
Split into runners and ruckers, runners launch towards greenway, meet at top of Astriano cul-de-sac.
Running route down greenway to 2nd exit, Atriano Rd. Take right on Napa, continue down to HRMS 2nd entrance, down to track for 4 laps, backtrack a bit to Marquette, down to greenway to finish back at school. Google maps showed it to be about 3.5 miles, maybe @Hotpack or @Soprano knows actual mileage, YHC is low-tech in that regard.
Prayers for Kathleen who has liver cancer, prognosis not good. For Greek and their unborn child and difficult pregnancy.
Thanks for playing along this morning, it was good to have 2.0 Beef with me, although he had shin pain when we arrived at the track. He was hobbling a bit but walked back to parking lot okay. Tclaps to @Soprano for checking on him, and looping back. #neverLeaveAMan.
YHC did not do pre-blast to announce plans to NOT do the normal @Schnitzel cruise-nado routine on the track. It’s not a real Pax pleaser so once a quarter is about as frequent as we can all stomach. It was good to just go after it for 3-4 miles. Thanks for joining.