Million Dollar MEN

AO: F3Comanche
Q: buckwheat
PAX: Avalanche, hammer, pongo, yellowcake, FedEx, buckwheat
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Atypical Buckwheat mosey loop back to flag for SSH, Merks, IST’s, Mountain Climbers, Michael Phelps, Shoulder Stretches
THE THANG: Million Dollar Man (Heavily Modified FiA beatdown designed by the M).

Six fine men EXERCISED their right to Exercise today. Fed Ex showed and DELIVERED and fine parking job upon arrival. Hammer was on time, YHC showed up (for once) AND was early. Yellowcake was early as usual and Avalanche and Pongo came in on two wheels.

Mosey to the rock pile and grab a rock. Back to dumpster fire lot for the thang. 12 exercises, 20 reps the first time through w/ the Million Dollar Man starting two burpees while the rest started the exercise called. MDM joins exercise and tries to beat the Pax. If so, a penalty is imposed on the rest of the Pax. Pongo was THE MAN as he did 20 burpees instead of 2 the first time through. He then did SSH’s so fast even the cafeteria worker who tried to run him over in the parking lot was impressed and complimented him. The rest of us could do nothing but laugh at the speed and precision of those SSH’s. They were almost as fast as Hammer’s bent rows….. Those, well…. were a sight to see and behold.

We changed the game up to five the MDM a fighting change, adding a 5 Mississippi count for the Oax during burpees and that made it a little closer. Avalanche, Hammer, and Yellowcake all won and imposed a lottery penalty on the Pax.

We moseyed to the front of the school to show off for the pollsters and did incline merks, decline merks, leg presses, and dips on the picnic tables and returned to our rocks for Round Two of MDM, this time 30 reps of the exercise called. Some involved rocks, some did not. Legs, Arms, Abs, and Chest all got some love. We then moseyed to the Mary lot for some sprints. Laying down on stomach and sprint the lot. Laying down on back and sprint the lot. Standing w/ Clydesdales getting slight head start on the Rabbits (Yellowcake and Avalanche). Pongo won his age group while YHC was out of breath and unable to Q Mary. Quick Airborne Mindbeder and we were done.
COT: Prayers were said for numerous people dealing w/ an array of health problems 🙏.