There and back again

AO: F3Harrisburg
Q: Dr. Lecter
PAX: exit54, SheepDog, TarTar, banjo boy, solocup, Othello, Wexler, f3clueless, tbone, Bonvoy, SS Minnow
FNGs: None
12 came out for a there and back again trip around the bus lot. YHC is trying out this newfangled Slackblast so let’s see how it goes.

Mosey to the first corner of the bus lot. Disclaimer given.
SSH x15 IC
Mosey to the second corner.
IST x15 IC
Mosey to third corner.
Penny Pickers x15 IC
Mosey to fourth corner.
Mountain Climbers x15 IC
Stations set up at the four corners of the bus lot. Perform the exercise and run to the next station and back, perform the next exercise, run to the next station and back, etc. Total of 100 reps at each corner.

Station 1
30 Merkins
RUN to Station 2 and back
30 Jump Squats – RUN
10 Burpees
Run to Station 2

Station 2
30 air presses
RUN to Station 3 and back
30 Bobby Hurleys – RUN
30 Mountain Climbers – RUN
10 Burpees
Run to Station 3

Station 3
30 Flutterkicks
Run to Station 4 and back
30 Squats – RUN
30 Shoulder Taps – RUN
10 Burpees
Run to Station 4

Station 4
30 Supermans
RUN to Station 1 and back
30 Apollo Ohnos – RUN
30 Plank Jacks – RUN
30 Low Dollies – RUN
10 Burpees
LBC x15 IC
Pretzel Crunch x15 IC
Squirm x15 IC
Boxcutter x15 IC
Still time to sign up for the Quarry 5k!
A few unspoken prayer requests out there.
Strong work by the PAX today. @exit54, @bonvoy, @othello, @ssminnow all finished the circuit.
@Tartar, @sheepdog, @banjoboy were putting in max effort.
TCLAPs to @Wexler, @f3clueless, @tbone and @solocup for the pre-run.