Pax:  @Peppa @Goldrush @Wexler @SSMinnow

Q: Othello

YHC took the Q at the last minute request from @Hacksaw.  Not sure what he was going to do, he posted a lame a$$ pre-blast.  Did he have an idea? Yes.  Did he know it was going to work? Hell no.  Here is how it went down…

0500 YHC arrives early to case the joint.  He sees the Fab 4 (@Wexler @Clueless @Hootie @Tbone) ready to head out on their run.
0515 YHC parks and devises a plan.  The Fab 4 blinky lights fade out in the distance.
0525 @Peppa and @SSMinnow arrive.
0527 We gather around waiting for others – no others, crud.  @SSMinnow states he will go run the mile with us and then head out on his own to meet back with us at COT
0529 YHC gives a lousy disclaimer
0530 Go time!

-SSH x15 IC
-Hillbilly x15 IC
-Penny Picker x10 IC

The Thang
@Peppa and YHC head out for the Extinction Mile.  Towards the end we are greeted by @Goldrush who arrived late. @SSMinnow took off and the 3 remaining studs ended up by the Edward Jones stairwell.  YHC came prepared with a proper BT speaker and cranked the classic rock accordingly, AYE! (You missed it @JD!!)

Looking to do some partner work we decided to pair up @Peppa with @Goldrush against YHC.
Round 1 – P1 runs the 1/4 mile lap, P2 does 5 Burpees, 10 Balls-2-the-Wall (BTW) Hip Slaps and then runs the stairs. Switch – AUDIBLE! Make it 5 BTW Hip Slaps, those are tough.
Round 2 – P1 runs, P2 does 5 Burpees, 10 BTW Walk-ups and then runs the stairs.  Switch – AUDIBLE! Make it 5 BTW Walk-ups. That’s right, they are tough!
Round 3 – P1 runs, P2 does 5 Burpees, 10 Curb Dips and then runs the stairs. Switch.

YHC grabbed the speaker and took the Pax over to Percent Tap House for a little change-up. Here, we each had an exercise to do. It went like this…
Pax 1 lined up on one side of the road, Pax 2 on the other, and Pax 3 was by the picnic tables.
Pax 1 did burpee broad jumps down the side at each parking line.
Pax 2 did Bearcrawls down the side and a Merkin at each parking line.
Pax 3 did jump-ups on the picnic table bench.
When Pax 1 & 2 were finished, the entire group rotated positions.
Repeato one more time so that every Pax did each exercise.
Run back to the stop sign at the top of Professional Drive & Physicians Boulevard.

Run back to Percent where YHC picks up his phone, speaker, runs it to his truck, high-tails is back to the Pax where he sees @Wexler ready to join us on the final Extinction Mile run of the morning.  Once back at home base, we take a minute to stretch our IT Bands and our Hammies.  Afterward we go right into…


1. Anonymous Pax who need an little extra prayer.
2. Quarry run – interested? Find Starsky.
3. Possible movie night at the GEM with the Orphans in Dec – More to come!
4. Possible Extinction Race in Dec – still more to come!
5. Huntersville Half in December – sign up HERE and let’s all run together, AYE!
6. Mt. Afton Challenge in Jan 2023 – Sign up HERE.

@Peppa – Thanks for posting and not making it a party of 1!
@Goldrush – Great to have you catch up and post.  Better late than never #strong.
@SSMinnow – Thanks for posting, joining us on the run in the beginning and end.
@Wexler – You are getting faster brother!  Keep up the good work.  Also, thanks for your leadership.  You are one of the “good-uns”, AYE!
Thanks for putting up with my “audibles” today.  Those few exercises were tough and like I was always taught, if you cant do it, don’t Q it.  An honor to lead.