No Craps Given!

AO: F3Tigertown
Q: Mayhem
PAX: Total Package, gooney, front row, private_ryan, Scooter, Blazing Saddles, Catfish, Cornbread, firechicken, homeland, Mayhem, mightymouse, Ramses, Slash, Tombstone
FNGs: None
SSH x 22
IST x 15
Arm Circles
Mountain Climbers x 15
Merkins x 10

Mosey to White Owl
Roll the dice – Any Doubles – Burpees
8-1 Ladder
Core Killers/Merkins

Mosey to Track
Shooter rolls and flips tire while others do exercise

7 or 11 – Run 1 Lap
2,3, 12 – Burpees

Point Established
4 – Merkins
5 – Carolina Dry Docks
6 – LBCs
8 – Low Flutters
9 – Air Squats
10 – Lunges

7 – Crap out Burpees
Runners Stretch
Pot Stirrers
Monkey Humpers

Thank you to everyone who showed and contributed to our 1 year anniversary, especially those that chose to show this morning. It was a great success.

We take a gamble everyday we get out of bed by choosing to take that first step. If we bet on ourselves, show up and go get one more rep, we will always win the day!

The first part of this year I wasn’t so sure this thing would work, but through perseverance, being adaptable, and some dedicated men, we are making it work! It’s amazing to see God’s hand working through men in the community, and we have some great leaders in MP!

Thank you to CCMP and Bethany Peck for the use of the facilities and the coffee, and for being our photographer!

It was humbling to see the #f3concord group show up in force. I love you guys. Thanks to our new Nantan @Slash for showing and representing both #f3afton and #f3dawghouse.

I know a lot couldn’t be here today as they were representing in their own AO’s. All of the guest Q’s and support since our launch from those AO’s already mentioned as well as #f3harrisburg #f3kannon #f3rollingstone Lake Norman and Uwharrie….Thank You!

Finally, big thanks to @hop_hunter @Uecker @mightymouse and @Spud for really helping game plan the launch last year.

All of you guys can be part of my wolfpack anytime. I can always count on some great laughs, to be challenged, and assured someone will always have my back!

Appreciate all of you!

I’m His service,


Prayers for @spud and his family as they are expecting any time now