The extra plank at the start really did it

AO: F3Tradition
Q: kinglouie
PAX: Machuman (Machupicchu), stash, Guinness, HotWheels, r2d2, kinglouie
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Mosey to the lower lot, then do the same warmorama that King Louie always does, except with MONKEY HUMPERS
THE THANG: Lots of running, made Hot Wheels think of The Valley. But also lots of merkins, planks, calf raises, dips, pull ups, muscle ups…. which did not make him think of The Valley.
MARY: Lots of leg and knee raising, tons of LBCs, mason twist, dying cockroach, more planking.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Tradition on Tap this Thursday at Stash’s place at 7.
COT: Prayers for R2 on deciding whether he should take the meds his doctors prescribed or not.