Enjoy it While You Can

DATE: 09/21/22

PAX: Papa John, Gamma, Wexler, Starsky, Dr Lecter, Clueless, T-Bone, Battery, Exit 54

QIC: Exit 54


Nine strong for some laps around town, or pick your own route…


  • Mosey to Roberta, cross the street and turn left (beware the crane)
  • Right on Parallel
  • Left on School
  • Right on Morris – from here run the rectangle around Harrisburg UMC (Morris to Patricia to 49 to School to Morris and REPEAT)
  • Head back at 0608


Prayers for Starsky’s sister’s family – her mother-in-law is in hospice care and they need support.



Probably could’ve planned a better route today, but this is what we did. YHC wanted a #RoadWarrior where everyone could stay close together, and this was his low-effort solution. Arriving at 0525 to a very low-enthusiasm PAX made him feel a little better about it.

Everything seemed fine at first, and everyone was able to stay together. But some angry drivers turning into Starbucks, a loud barking dog, and some trickily-placed cones and cables hanging off the power lines were added obstacles. Everyone got thru it no worse for wear thankfully, and we were all back to the launch point by 0618 at the latest.

Make it a good Wednesday, fellas – thanks for coming out.