9 brave souls defeated the FS for a Tuesday edition of the Rolling Stone Boulder Bootcamp. I was formulating a BD plan in my tiny brain last night while watching MNf. Unfortunately, the Bills kept scoring so I lost all ability to come up with a well thought out BD. Went with the KISS method and kept it out of the lot.

PAX: Clickbait, Peanuts, sugar, MC, Vespa, Soprano, Kuhmo, Detention

Q: LifeAlert


Mosey to the hoops court for some:

  • SSH x 10
  • CP x 10
  • AB x 5
  • IST x 10
  • arm cirles
  • Prisoner Tempo Squats x 10
  • Merkins x 10
  • MC x 10
  • all IC

The Thang

KISS, grab a partner and grab a cinderblock. P1 run the length of both hoops courts and quadraphilia back. P2 exercise. complete total amounts of

  • Manmakers x 25
  • Curls x 100

take a break and head over to the wall next to the WR Odell Café. keep same formula. P1 slide back and forth the width of hoops court and trade off with P2 until exercise complete

  • Donkey Kicks x 100

Back to the baseline for same starting routine

  • Manmakers x 25
  • SkullCrushers x 100

Take another break and head back to wall for some side slides and:

  • Ball to Wall shoulder taps x 100
  • pattycake partner merkins x 40… I mean 25

Last round on the baseline for :

  • Cinderblock swings x 100
  • shoulder presses x 100

Return the blocks and time for PC

  • can can x 25
  • kakalacky can can x 25


  • LBC x 30
  • LF x 17 (josh allen baby!!!)
  • recover recover


  • well done. KISS is moto I try o live by. Sugar has been giving me a hard time for my repeated trips to the teacher lot. purposely avoided that joint today and thought this worked pretty well.
  • had to bolt before prayer requests.
  • keep posting, iron sharpens iron
  • thanks for playing along and SYITG

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