Light Sweet Tabata

59F/ 15 PAX

PAX: The Total Package, Marlboro, Bay City, Mayweather, Spud, Checkmate, Neverland, Deertick, Sandtrap, Tombs, Pvt Ryan, Homeland, Buzzkill, Bozeman

Q: Indiana

Mosey down da trail to REHAB

SSH x 20

5 Plank Jacks with 5 Merkins for 3 cycles

AS x 10

ISTs x 15

Loose Change x 10

Mosey back up to AO upper lot and grab a stone/paver/block/or metal plate and circle up.


Tabata Part 1: 40 sec AYG/20 sec Recovery with exercises done in series

DD Merks

Alternating Lunges

Low Flutter

Repeat for total of 2 sets per exercise

Run suicide down front drive

Tabata Part 2: 40 sec AYG/20 sec Recovery with exercises done in series

Curl Push Press x 2

Goblet Squats x 2

KGBs with stone/paver etc x 2

Run suicide down front drive

Tabata Part 3: 40 sec AYG/20 sec Recovery with ALL above exercises done in series ONCE – Lightning Round

Run Suicide


Box Cutters x 12

LBC x 12

Alt Leg V Ups x 12


Broga and stretching

MOLESKIN: Welcome Sandtrap to this group of miscreants  trying to live a better life.  Prayers said for Nick Goshen and his family who served our country in the European Theatre and passed at age 40 unexpectedly. As you sometimes think about your life and also death (Nick’s passing makes us all pause), as you juggle the challenges/stress of marriage, career, raising children (6 is the current record held by Marlboro), finances, remember to always look on the bright side of your life. Life is not easy even on easy street USA – which is where we live on planet earth if you pause to think about it.  Give more than you take and be a positive life force every day. Also brush teeth and floss those you want to keep.




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