Been Too Long

DATE: 09/16/22

PAX: SS Minnow, Gamma, Papa John, Static, Bearclaw, Mad Dog, FNG Ryan, FNG Kevin, Exit 54

QIC: Exit 54


Nine hard-hitting PAX, including a couple of eager FNGs, hit the pavement to get a little stronger…


  • Mosey to the tennis court side of the lot, COP
  • Disclaimer for the new guys
  • SSH x 24 (IC)
  • IST x 15 (IC)
  • Upper arm stretches
  • Chest and back stretches
  • Arm circles
  • Mosey back to the circle


Four rounds, three lifts per round. Each round you start with each lift x 10 reps, then go back and do each x 9 reps, then 8, then 7, all the way down to 1 rep

  • ROUND 1: Bent-over Rows, Upright Rows, Tricep Extensions
  • Run to the tennis court end and back, plank up til everyone is finished
  • ROUND 2: Deadlifts, Curls, Overhead Press
  • Run to the tennis court end and back, plank up til everyone is finished
  • ROUND 3: Figure 8s, Reverse Curls, Around-the-Worlds
  • Run to the tennis court end and back, plank up til everyone is finished
  • ROUND 4: Chest Press, Low flutters with the bell in the air, Mason Twists (each movement counts as a rep)
  • Run to the tennis court end and back, plank up til everyone is finished

We wrapped up Round 4 with just enough time for an old favorite I call the Iron Circle –

  • Make the circle a little tighter, each man planks up in the circle with his left hand on the pavement, right hand on his bell
  • Do 1 MERICAN, handwalk to the RIGHT
  • When you reach the next bell in the circle, REPEATO 1 MERICAN with left hand on the pavement, right hand on the bell
  • REPEATO until you make it around the circle and back to your bell
  • 30 second rest
  • Restart and REPEATO, this time with left hand on the bell, right hand on the pavement. Handwalk to your LEFT, stopping for a MERICAN at each bell until you make it around the circle

That felt like enough so we called time at 0614.

Finished up with NAME-O-RAMA


  • All Pro Dads began yesterday for the new school year. Per Wexler, 71 people made it to the first meeting. See Wexler for details if you have a child at HRES.
  • I’m going to contact former Harrisburg FD Chief John Lamonica about scheduling a Stop the Bleed class for anyone interested. Will have details in the coming week.
  • The F3 Raleigh region is hosting the Deacon CSAUP tomorrow. See Battery if interested in attending.


As most of you know, your Q spent the summer prepping for the Blue Ridge Relay. In other words, i’ve been doing a dedicated morning run every Friday since the first of June. Been way too long since attended kettlebells and, now the Relay is behind me, figured i’d get back to it by leading this morning. I was welcomed back by some old faces, some not so old, one who’s still pretty new (Static), and two who none of us had met before.

With the FNGs in tow, we did a quick mosey, gave the disclaimer, some warmup movements and stretches, then back to the circle to get busy. This was a partially-recycled workout i led a couple of years ago. Always gets the heart rate up and allows for surprisingly-little chatter because everyone has to keep count in their head. We finished the last round with 5 minutes to go, which was just enough to get the Iron Circle in. I’ve had us do the Circle a few times in the past, and it always pits each PAX against himself to get every last bit of effort out.

Guys killed it, particularly FNGs Ryan and Kevin who were leading the pack more often than not. Looking forward to seeing you both out again soon, we’ll try to have a nickname planned for you next time.

As always thank you to this group for letting me lead.

/exit 54