What a Beautiful Morning!

Pax:  Gamma, Starsky, Escalade, Mad Dog, Othello, Battery, Zin, Oz, Clueless, T Bone, Wexler

Q: Wexler

11 came out for a beautiful fall day to push themselves around the box.  This weather isn’t going to last long so get out and get stronger!


The Box Repeats

Run down to the box

Do a lap

  • Run hard on Leg 1, Easy on other three legs
  • Run hard on Leg 1/2, Easy on other two legs
  • Run hard on Leg 1/2/3, easy on last leg
  • Run hard all the way around
  • Cool Down run back to base


  • Starsky has the Quarry Run coming up
  • 10/22 – Runway 5k
  • Anonymous Prayers for a brother and his family
  • All Pro Dads at Hickory Ridge Elementary tomorrow at 7am


Awesome job everyone!  Looked like everyone was pushing it.  Hard not to with this weather.  Special shout out to Zin who was definitely moving faster and pushed himself to finish ‘one more lap.’ I always feel thats where the greatest growth comes from.  Going for that ‘one last lap.’


Thank you for allowing encouraging me, inspiring me, and allowing me to lead


Today’s Quote of the Day:  “Even a failure is exciting!”  Ivar Giaever, Norwegian American physicist