3MB Cameo!

3MB hit the Town Center(if you don’t know, look it up)!. 3 braved it out, got out of the fartsack, and tackled the circuit. Here is how it happened

PAX: Battery, Oz
Q: Hacksaw

SSH x 10
Hillbillies x 10(Go App State-ESPN gameday in Boone this Saturday)!
Merkins x 10
Mountain Climbers x 10

The Thang

Run the Corners
corner 1- 10 Burpees
corner 2- 20 jump squats
corner 3- 30 Hand Release Merkins
corner 4- 40 Flutter kicks(2 count)

Mosey to Hawthorne
25- Foxholes(tempo merkins/WWII)
50- Superman Pulses

Run the Corners-repeat exercises

25- Alarm Clocks(getups)
50- SSH

went till 6:25 back to Venture


Name and COT

The 3 today worked hard, stayed strong! Battery kept a consistent blistering pace, Oz did Oz and put in the strong work and made it look easy. YHC did not have time to chat wrestling with Battery, but got a few words at the end.

Welcome back to the BRR fellas, can’t wait to hear the stories, and get the numbers back up at the beatdowns, need to see double digits again.

Battery this Saturday for the Deacon in Wake Forest, wishing him and anyone who goes with him a successful weekend! Vulcan is Nov 19? Time Laps next month, other stuff just add in and let all know. Prayers for my niece, her husband and 2 great nephews all recovering from Covid. Deadhead recovery from his surgery and return soon, and take each day and do something positive.

Always proud to lead!