Nothing but Respect

4 Men found the way to The Railyard today despite the weather.   Being nothing but Respect.

PAX:  Hacksaw,  Misfire,  Mullet, Escalade

Q: Escalade

Here’s how it went.

Disclaimer and Mosey to the bottom of the driveway hill.  Squared up for warm up.

  • 15 SSH
  • 10 Imp Storm Troopers
  • 10 Windmills
  • 10 LBC
  • 10 Merkins

Leap Frog Ladder.

  • Partner up. Using the trees as markers.
  • Both complete exercise at bottom together.
  • P1 Runs to first tree up the hill and planks.
  • P2 Runs past to the next tree and planks,
  • P1 gets up and runs to the next tree and planks.
  • P2 Runs to P1 and both complete the exercise at the top.
  • Mosey to the bottom to start over again.
  • 1 Mtn Climber to 10 at the bottom.
  • 10 Merkins to 1 at the top.

More Ladders at the shelter.

  • 10 Step Ups to 1 on benches.
  • 1 Big Boy Sit Up to 10.

Mosey to the football field.

  • 100 yd sprint then hold Al Gore
  • 100 yd sprint then hold Plank
  • 100 yd sprint then Monkey Humpers
  • 100 yd sprint then CCD
  • Recovery 100 yd mosey.

Slow mosey to the shelter by the cars.

Partner Up

  • P1 Runs the down hill trail loop
  • P2 Dips
  • Switch.
  • P1 Runs the down hill trail loop
  • P2 WWII
  • Switch.

Mary (7 Min Abs)

  1. 10 American Hammer
  2. 10 Reverse Crunch
  3. 10 Squirm
  4. 10 Pretzel Crunch
  5. 10 Freddie Mercury
  6. 10 Low Flutter
  7. 10 W
  8. 10 Box Cutters
  9. 10 Crunch Frogs
  10. 1 Min plank.



  1. Tomorrow will mark my 10th year with F3.  It’s an odd anniversary to share with 9/11 but 9/11/2012 is the day I decided to get out of the fartsack and head into the gloom with a bunch of guys I didn’t know. What a blessing this group has been. Unbelievably thankful for F3 giving the opportunity to meet all of you.  Hoping to make it to the 20th year anniversary.
  2. Nothing but Respect today!!   Between the weather, the BRR,  other convergences, it was a light showing today.  Yet, the 50+ group got it done.
  3. Hacksaw – knew it was going to be a light day and posted just to make sure there was someone out there.   That’s awesome brother.
  4. Mullet – posted as if he didn’t know it was raining.  I don’t think he even noticed.
  5. Misfire – Awesome effort on the 100 yd sprint! That last 100 you were chasing down the lead hard!

Prayers for the BRR teams!!   Can’t wait to hear the stories and hope everyone makes it back safely.

Prayers for Deadhead and a speedy recovery.

Prayers for Hacksaw’s family members dealing with COVID and young kids.

Have a blessed weekend.


  • Escalade