Keep your head on a Swivel

It’s getting gloomier in the morning now that fall is coming.  The sunrise is later and later but that makes for decent temps.  The I-phone hits 5:30am so off we went.

Moving Warmorama

Run to Raging Ridge Road – 20x SSH

Run to visitor entrance – 20x SSH

Run to front of the school – 15x Hillbillys

Run to end of bus lot – 15x Hillbillys

Run to the entrance of MS – 15x Air Squat

Run to the MS bus lot entrance – 15x Air Squat


Partner up, size may or may not have mattered (Sorry Tumbler)

Partner wheelbarrow, changing partners at each bus (total of 9 buses), 100 merkins as a team at the end

Mosey back to the front of the bus lot, 20x LBC

Mosey over to the MS softball parking lot

Keep same partners, 200x step-ups each leg, 100x CDD as a team (audible to 100x step-ups, 200x is aggressive.)

Mosey back to the softball parking lot, 20x W

Mosey to the entrance to the MS, grab curb, Clock Merkin

Mosey back to the HS lot for Mary





Low Flutter

Nice slow stretch


  • Great work today!  Tried to keep us moving as much as possible
  • Glad Hootie is quicker than the MS bus driver.  #slowdown!
  • Thanks for the opportunity to lead.
  • Prayers to our Blue Ridge Runners.