The Young and the Restless

When the alarm went off this morning, it was pouring, but that didn’t stop 6 of the burg’s best (and a FNG) from posting for week 1 of the IronPax Challenge. 0530, disclaimer and quick mosey/warmorama, then the work began.


The square will be comprised of 4 corners 25 yards apart.

Starting at cone 1 and bearcrawl to cone 2 and perform 25 air squats.
After the squats, bearcrawl to the left to cone 3 and perform 25 merkins.
After the merkins, reverse bearcrawl to cone 4 and perform 25 big boy sit-ups.
After the big boy situps, bearcrawl to the right to cone 1 and perform 25 burpees.

Modified Version of Care Bear Squared

Change the reps of the exercises to 15 or 20
Always front bearcrawl between the cones
Use other modes of transportation between cones:
Side Shuffle
Lunge walk
Normal merkin modifications
Modify big boy sit-ups for LBCs or other ab exercise
Modify burpees to flying squirrels


Mosey to the sit-up corner: 25 LBC in cadence.

Recover, recover.


  • Great work today! You saw the pre-blast and came anyway.
  • Welcome out FNG Dustin. Sheriff’s Deputy and former Marine. Hell of a first post.
  • Battery was Killin it today! You know you’re doing it right when SoloCup critiques your form.
  • Hacksaw skipped the beloved speedway ruck workout for IronPax. Hopefully you got the same amount of punishment.
  • Escalade was as solid as ever, blasting through the reps.
  • Mad Dog looked like a man on a mission today as well. Maybe he didn’t wanna look bad in front of the Marine.
  • Thanks to SoloCup for going into “Chad” mode and welcoming out our FNG. You’re great at the EH!
  • Battery reminded us again at COT that The Deacon is going to be held in Raleigh on 17 SEP… get some!
  • Prayers to our Blue Ridge Runners.
  • Road Warrior is back at Town Center tomorrow.
  • Coffeeteria featured more show recommendations, book reviews, chick flicks, how “woke” (least favorite word on earth, btw) the new LOTR show is, (spoiler alert, it ain’t.) And what changes between “yes” and “I do” #ShowToKnow

“We can casily forgive a child
who is afraid of the dark; the
real tragedy of life is when
men are afraid of the light.”



Keep Pushing.