WIB with Farmer Carries and Jack Webbs

PAX: The Burgh, SirTopEm, Ricochet, Squid, Loafer

QIC: Big Tuna

Date: 08/23/20022

Warm-up (IC)


Low Slow Squats


Air Press

Low SLow Merkin

Mountain Climbers

Plank Jaccks


The Thang

Round 1 – Workout in Bucket (WIB) for kettlebell /dumbbell workout makes a return appearance!. 12 cards with various exercises including burpees, squat thrusters, bicep curls, tricep extensions, tea bag squats (everyones’ favorite, etc. 1 pax draws the card from the bucket, calls out the exercise and then acts as the timer while farmer carrying dumbells down the sidewalk and back. 12 cards with 6 pax = each pax acted as the timer – 2x.

Round 1.5 –  Jack Webbs: 1 merkin/ 4 air presses ratio – increased qty from 1 to 10 – total of 10 merkins / 40 air presses

Round 2 –  repeat Round 1 with slightly longer farmer carry – to end of the sidewalk and back. 12 cards with 6 pax = each pax acted as the timer 2x. We also added a round of “perfect pushups” – qty = 15 for good measure. Perfect push-up is hand release at the bottom and shoulder tap (right/left) at the top. This approach helps to ensure that you go fully down and back up for full extension each time.

Round 2.5 –  drop the weights, head over to the sidewalk and gave our shoulders a rest. We did 5 squats at 1st tree and increased by 5 at each tree until we reached 25 squats towards the end of sidewalk  with lunge walks in between each tree.

6:15 – time was called!


Lots of men/families traveling this week and next. Stay safe during this time. 9/11 stair climb coming up on Saturday, 9/10! Special guest Q this Friday – don’t miss out- guaranteed to be a Varsity workout!

Note: Playlist was modified after the 1st round from 80’s pop rock to 80’s heavy metal rock and received much praise and allocades from all pax. YHC promised an all Metallica playlist for The Burgh next time and commented that some of these songs from the 80’s could not be redone these days! Show to know!

Thanks for coming out today and joining me in the gloom.  It is a privilege and honor to be associated with you!