Are You Ready For Some Football?

11 of F3 Afton’s finest joined YHC in the gloom of Dorton Park at 0530 on 8-17-22 to better ourselves on this Wednesday morning.

YHC gave the disclaimer and around the Dorton lot we went. After 2 laps, we circled up for a brief warm-up.  Finished the warm-up with a couple stretching maneuvers, and instructed the PAX to mosey across the street to the Atrium Building (opposite side)…

YHC, with Hokie Pokie’s help, had placed cones in 25 yard increments totally 100 yards.  Here’s how the beatdown went down:

Focusing on the exercises listed here: 1. Merkins 2. Body Squats 3. Mountain Climbers (1,2 = 1) 4. WW2’s 5. Dry Docks 6. LBC’s…

  • PAX sprint to 1st cone, and do 10 reps of exercise #1
  • … then sprint to 2nd cone, 10 reps
  • … then sprint to final cone, 10 reps
  • … then back to 2nd cone, 10 reps
  • … then back to 1st cone, 10 reps
  • … then back home, 10 reps

Once back at the start, PAX then knocked out 10 burpees before moving onto to Exercise #2 … and so on … and so on…

AT 0610 we mosey’d over to the shelter for a little mary and a 1-minute plank hold to wrap it up… “RECOVER, RECOVER”!


  • Announcements –
    • 8/18 – Driveway Happy Hour at Hokie Pokie’s… 1830 – until
  • Prayer Requests
    • @Iron City’s sister – for medical clarity and answers after the stroke scare.

Always an honor to lead, men!

Thanks, @Bravo