Wrapping up the week

Date: 8/5/22

Pax: Heisenberg, Ricochet, Gunny, Squid The Burgh, Risky Business, Schnitzel, Shooter
Q: Shooter

Count: 8

YHC was a bit overdue for a Q at Kannon and doing the first of two this month.  Disclaimer given and off we went towards city hall.  We circled up at the flag pole for warm-o-rama:

  • 25 SSHs, 20 Hillbillies, 15  Toy Soldiers, 10 Penny Picker/somethings, 5 Windmills.

Off towards the road in between the stadium and back of the Food Lion for a round of gassers from the top of the hill toward the bottom.  Each stop light, 5 exercises were completed:

  • Merkins, Squats, Mountain Climbers, Lunges and Burpees

A quick mosey over to the Wells Fargo lot for a round of Welsh Dragons and then towards Dale:

  • 3 exercises with 10 counts and a lap around the oval: Dips, Derkins and Step-ups

Last stop to the back end of the parking deck for a 10 to 1 ladder of shoulder ups and squats, although modified at 5 to head to Mary for some stretches until Recover Recover was called.

Announcements:  Grandmaster’s get together tonight, Afton 4 year anniversary tomorrow, Kannon 5 year anniversary in two weeks.
Prayers:  Continued prayers for Gunny’s friends with upcoming medical procedures.

Always an honor to lead at Kannon!

– Shooter