So small yet so heavy

2 other pax members joined QIC for his VQ kettle bell beatdown at the infamous Dawghouse. QIC knew numbers would be light with some recovering from insane weekend workout events and others on vacation. But it was no surprise to see the MQ and the master of posts himself, Mash!

I gave the disclaimer and we did warmorama right where we were. 20 SSH IC, 15 hillbillies IC, 10 Penny Picker IC and some arm circles.

We took our kettle bells to our starting point where I had a few cones set up at 30 paces apart. We did 5 exercises at each cone and went up by 6 each time. We had to riffle carry our weights to each section. The exercises were curls, thrusters, tricep extensions, Russian twists and presses.

Going up by 6 we made it to 36 and then went down to 30 and 24 with not much time left. Mash was thinking the 6 and 12 was really easy……that was until we kept going up to 30 and 36. It was a nice gradual suck….

I never doubted HoneyDo’s beast mode but he was carrying what appeared to be a small weight.  In all actuality Sir Topham is cheap and bought a massive sand kettle bell!  I found out Honey Do was carrying a 35lb kettle bell!  What!!!??  So I thought I would help him out after we got down with the round of 30…..the coming back down to 30 that is….I grabbed this tiny weight and was shocked.  Carried to next cone for round of 24 reps and it was a struggle with several pauses. Honey Do and Mash both have my respect


It was an honor to lead!

– Sir Topham