Friday Freestylin and Profilin

The PAX:  Spaz, Opie, IronCity, Zacchaeus, Phidippedes, Rickshaw, Peeping Tom, Geppetto, Terribletowel, Yellowcake, Shooter, Hop Hunter
Q: Hop Hunter


Lots of strong work in the hot gloom this week.  To add to the extreme weather we had severe a severe storm roll thru on Thursday afternoon and leave lots of debris scattered about Afton and all the surrounding neighborhoods for the pax to navigate this morning.  None of that stopped us from having another strong showing.  In true Afton form, there was a mix work being put in for Freestyle Friday.  There was true balance in the force, as we had and even # of runners (4), ruckers (4) and bikers (4).  YHC gave a quick disclaimer-ish statement (maybe) and sent the pax off into the gloom.  Runner were told it was their choice, ruckers were also given freedom all except specific orders not to visit QT, and the bikers were told to just follow YHC.

Nice job by all this morning.  It was great having Shooter back out as he works to get fully back from IR.  Also, YHC want to give a big welcome to our newest pax DP… who will hence forth be known as Rickshaw.  On a closing note… today was round 5 of 6 of the Iron Q challenge week for YHC.  The finish line is in sight.  I hope you will join me for the final round on Saturday!  #NoOYO  #ironsharpensiron



Prayers for our brother Amway and his friends and family as he is remembered and honored during the Celebration of Life tonight.
Prayers for safe travels for our pax on the road and prayers for Peeping Tom’s wife.
All unspoken prayers



  • TONIGHT:  Celebration of Life for Amway.  7:30pm @ Connect Christian Church in Concord
  • 6/21: Charlotte Motor Speedway Summer Shootout (see below for details)
  • 6/25: Can Can Beatdown / food drive for food pantry at St. James Catholic Church.
  • 7/29 & 7/30: 24 Hours of Booty
  • 9/9 & 9/10: Blue Ridge Relay (BRR)