Mettle Celebrating My Dad

My father, Larry Frederick Zufall, passed into Glory last Tuesday at the age of 79. Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia had ravaged both body and mind for over a decade, but now he is Healed. Before he lost his faculties, Dad was a wicked smart and physically strong man with a great sense of humor. He grew up on a farm near Punxsutawney, PA and later worked as a Customer Engineer and then Manager with IBM. He was the youngest of 4 and had 6 kids of his own, of which I am the youngest. He will be greatly missed, but I take comfort in knowing he is fully healed and that I’ll see him again soon.

Thanks to the 6 men (Powerball, Snape, Hugo, Snowsuit, Shazam, and Disaster) who joined me this morning to honor Dad’s memory, making the PAX total a Perfect 7!

  • After the disclaimer and basic instructions, the PAX were challenged to remove their usual gloves to do a little bare-handed work. Dad always had thick callouses from the manual labor he did.
  • Because Dad was often transferred to new locations while working for IBM, we said it stood for “I’ve Been Moving”! To honor this memory, we did our work in multiple stations today, moving every minute.
  • Dad enjoyed jogging and was the one who got me into it in the first place, so, we took a little mosey after completing a full circuit.
  1. Farmer Carry using either 45 or 65 lb dumbbells.
  2. Curls. Dad wasn’t a hunter but he enjoyed collecting nice guns.
  3. Wood Choppers. Like many of you, my dad taught me how to split wood.
  4. Wrist Twists – Milking cows every morning (this was the closest exercise I could come up with).
  5. Perfect Push-ups – Dad was a perfectionist in almost everything!
  6. Lawnmower Pulls – LOTS of mowing on that farm!
  7. Windmills – While living in Europe, we travelled to Holland and toured the windmills.
  8. Tire Flips – Dad loved working on cars and knew basically everything about them.
  9. Derby Double Taps – When at his heaviest and critiqued at being out of shape, Dad would promptly reply, “round is a shape.”
  10. Grips – Dad had the strongest grip of anyone I know.

3 circuits total.