Failure Was An Option!

What a day….what a day!  Thank you for 9 other studs, 5 of which was RESPECTS, that represented today for a day that didn’t let the fart sack win!  10 people in total and half of the group was RESPECTS!  Age isn’t nothing but a thing!

The pre-blast warned about failure may be begin an option and we had a great showing to prove it!

PAX – Cupid, Loafer, Heinsenberg, Schnitzel, Big Tuna, Grandmaster, Look Me Up, The Big Show, Risky Business and the Q, Sir Topham

Here’s how it went down.

Mosey to flags in front of police station. 6 Motivators, 10 BSN’s, 10 Hillbillies, 10 windmills.

  • Mosey to center of ball field at gate 3.  Merkins until failure.  No counting just work until your arms couldn’t take anymore.  Commense the lady grunts and extremely disturbing noises coming from a group of men.
  • Mosey to food lion parking lot.  WWII until failure.  Get that six pack ready for the beach.  The day wouldn’t be complete without a Loafer flatulent!  Thank you for making our morning complete Loafer!
  • Mosey to Vance (everyone new what was coming….just not as bad as they thought) Risky thought we had to run up and down Vance until failure.  With our the runners in our group that would take awhile! Instead we did sprints up Vance to stop sign.  It is a good sprint length and up a hill.  We did 3 for Dale.  Maybe not full failure but we were definitely gassed after 3!  3 for Dale!
  • Mosey to the WORLD FAMOUS KANNON RESTROOMS!  Dips until failure.  It was pretty short lived.  Failure came soon after those sprint and being winded.  Look Me Up looked like he could go for hours….First time he has heard that! LOL!
  • Mosey to center of research area.  Plank Jacks until failure.  Several guys looking strong there!
  • Mosey to the blocks in the field.  Curls until failure.  Sons out guns out!
  • Mosey to Mary

Mary – 30 IC Box cutters, 10 Bohemian Rhapsondy’s – Recover, recover

Moleskin – We had a really impressive group today!  Great showing of some all-star respects!  5 other youngens.  Q wanted to mix it up and some workout to run plus some pushing until you couldn’t go anymore.  The group was grunting and making some questionable sounds.  Schniztel, Cupid are always the quiet before the storm.  Not much to say sometimes but always delivering a solid workout!  Heisenburg pushed hard on the pushup and I also had Big Tuna beside me who looked like he never wanted to quit.  Great job fellas.  It was an honor to lead such a great group of men.


In Him,

Sir Topham