Too many smokes

When: 5/25/2022
QIC: Java
The Pax: Gunny, Grand Master. Risky Business, The Big Show, The Burgh,
Mosie to Biotech Lane parking lot for warmarama, find a parking block perform dip then shift left dip / right dip etc. Mountain climbers, windmills, side straddle hops, BSNs. Mosie to the North RC Community College parking lot. Each corner of the parking lot had a different exercise, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Squats and WWIIs. Pax were to run up the hill in the middle of the lot counting each step they took from the beginning of the grassed in area to the pole at the top. The total number of steps it took to the top designed the number of reps for the exercise. Pax then ran down from the hill to the first corner of the lot for the first exercise then back up the hill counting steps again, to the next corner for the next exercise and repeato clockwise around the parking lot. After rounding the parking lot a few times, mosie to the community college south parking lot for some Bear Crawl Merks down the center pathway then broad jumps back the same way. Next holding squats while one pax ran around the parking lot loop, x3 pax then switch to holding plank for the last 3 pax. Then mosie back to Mary and terminado.
COT –  Robb elementary school. Graduation event for Risky at Eastwood? church
As always it was an honor to serve even with the hoarse voice