The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Date: 5/21/22

QIC: Grandmaster

PAX: Pheidippides, Steel Cannon

Not gonna lie, I was a little scared. 0655 and YHC was standing alone on the corner. Was this going to be a solo Q? Would that change the beatdown? That question would have to wait for another day, b/c at 0657 Phidip bolted onto the scene completing his pre-run. So at 0700 we took off for a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Warmorama consisted of a run down to the data center.

There we completed THANG 1: A modified Prostitute workout. NE corner 5 burpees, NW corner 10 merkins, SW corner 15 squats, SE corner 20 LBCs IC.  As we reached the squat corner for the first time the patter of little feet came up behind us. Steel Cannon decided to join us after an emergency trip to the country’s best public restroom. Phidip, seeing that the Q would have some company now, decided he could go full speed.  Not long after that YHC had to take a breather as the heat and humidity took their tole on the lungs.

After that was done we moseyed around a part the loop to Biotechnology Dr and up to Power Hill (The mound with the large power line tower) for THANG 2: 20 squats facing uphill, box shuffle around mound, 20 squats facing sideways on the hill, box shuffle, 20 facing downhill, shuffle, 20 facing the other direction on the hill, shuffle. Repeat with 10 merkins.

After a long 10 count, we moseyed up to Shangri-La for THANG 3: Core work ladder of 2 LBCs IC at one end, 20 Leg Raises IC at the other, increase and decrease by 2 each lap. After completing about half of that, YHC was informed that it was time to head back to the AO where we completed some stretching and called it a day.

MOLESKIN: Well who is who? Obviously, Phidip has the the GOOD since he was able to pull away from the other two after a pre-run and then went for a post run.  YHC must be the BAD due to the wheezing and walking that he had going on. Sorry, Steel Cannon, I guess that leaves the last slot for you.  Thanks for not leaving me hanging guys.

COT: Prayers for loved ones, travelers and injured.

In HIS Service,