High School Run Club

9 of Kannons finest took off for a run down to Kannapolis high, back up the lovely hill and around for a k-town run.

Sir Topham was the Q teaching the runners where to go. The Burgh has been looking really strong. It was good seeing Trickdaddy trying to get his legs back. Risky was still feeling the Finance testing blues. Look me up was still around running circles the pax. Cupid was showing off his manly chesticles. Heisenberg and Big Country looked good pushing to the end! Loafer was sitting down the hole time! But got almost 7 bike miles in.

great work today fellas. Everyone was close to 5 miles over or so!  Nice run to the school and a good steady bill back up. Back up to Ridge, to Allen and back to Mary for enough time to do the inner circle. It was warm, wet and wild!

sir Topham has fish Giles with the new testing so I can breath good under water!  🙂

It was an honor to lead!

Sir Topham