Dale Time Trials

PAX: Beef, Schnitzel, Squid, Gunny, Grandmaster, Cupid, Heisenberg

Q: Schnitzel

Date: 4/29/2022

A splendid morning, temps around 50, no breeze.  05:30 rolled around quickly this morning, YHC did normal stretching, (especially Achilles), happened to check watch and it was time to move.



Mosey over to dark empty parking lot across Main St.  No police car this time.

  • SSH x15
  • Windmill x10
  • Mtn Climbers x15
  • Merkins x10
  • BSN x10

Mosey over to Dale.

The Thang

No weinke, no whiteboard, just the timer on my iPhone, 2017 vintage.

Borrowed and modified workout from RollingStone, back in the day when it started, Q would cycle through just a couple of PAX at first.  Originally, this was called The Chelsea, and was 30 minutes of the same dang thing, 5 dips, 10 merkins, 15 squats, every minute on the minute, and the rest time got smaller and smaller.

Modified a bit this morning so that every other minute, was a run-around-Dale at a pretty good clip, maybe not 90%, but 75-80, I’d say.  We did about 28 minutes of that, at 0608, made our way back to the parking deck.


Back to the deck around 0612, for a little stretching – “Reach for the sky” and “There’s a snake in my boots”.  Left over right, touch your toes, or knees (whichever comes first).  Maybe this is a #respect problem, but just keeping my balance was a challenge.  Time called.

Prayers and Announcements

Cupid, and job challenges.

Heisenberg traveling to DC next week.

Ultimate, next Saturday, likely 7am start time, stay tuned.


Thanks for participating.  It’s not the most exciting workout.  One of the reasons I go to it, is it reminds me to not worry too much about what’s coming, but just get through the next minute.  The minute after that will come in due course, and I’ll worry about that when it comes.


Welcome back Squid, didn’t lose a step from vacation.  Gunny, I could hear you right behind me around the loop, waiting for you to pass me on one of those.  Way to hang Grandmaster and Heisenberg, the reps sneak up on you after a while, eh?  Cupid, strong on the reps and the run!  Always good to have a 2.0 along = Beef.  Sorry that ChickenStrip didn’t post, pray all is well with him.

If you’re counting at home, I think we did 14 reps and 14 laps, broke just a few minutes early to head back.  So that’s 70 dips, 140 merkins and 210 squats.  Run length, maybe 1.75 miles.  Not bad for going about 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off.

Gentlemen, make it a great day, enjoy the weekend and see you in the gloom next week.