Ladders and Sprints – 2yr F3 Anniversary

Ladders & Sprints Iron-Q Day 4 2yr F3 Anniversary

Nine HIM posted today for YHC’s 2yr F3 Anniversary Bootcamp, and hopefully didn’t disappoint. It was a brisk 37F in the gloom and the mumblechatter was pretty consistent throughout the morning. It was great to see many of the PAX I haven’t seen in a while, since I rarely post at the 0530 BC. I enjoyed the banter and kidding around. Anyway, after a brief disclaimer, we got to work as follows:

19 SSH
12 Windmills
12 Penny Pickers
Mosey to the track area…

The Thang (Ladder)
5 Burpees
10 Squats
15 Merkins
25 Jump Squats
30 Reverse Lunges 1=1
35 LBCs
40 Mountain Climbers 2=1
45 Freddy Mercurys 2=1
50 SSH
50 m sprint (mod as needed, but run as fast as you can)

Repeato till time for Mary

15 low flutters
15 Ws
10 pretzel crunch

– we prayed for the families in the fire tragedies
– we prayed for all affected by covid
– we thanked God for the strength to be better HIM

– It was nice to see Barrister back out with the PAX after completing his 1000mi challenge. Congrats.
– Also nice to see Sandman back after 3 weeks of recovery… welcome back brother!
– YHC noticed that PAX thought the Sprint was just a MOSEY… pffft. You 0530 guys. Maybe you should start posting with the 0630 PAX and see how it’s done!
– I heard several guys say “this workout was fun”… that was encouraging for a change, and balanced out all the mumblechatter during the Ladders.
– Congratulations to Barrister for “winning” the no-burpee sprint challenge… good work!

As always, it was YHCs pleasure to lead this fine group of HIM. Thank you for supporting my Iron-Q and my 2yr Anniversary.

Slackblast! Iron-Q Day 4 – Highlands Bootcamp – Ladders and Sprints – 2yr F3 Anniversary
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