My Weinke made me do it

Four men showed up today to brave the 28F cold and do some work! The Ridge Road Middle School parking lot was empty and there was no sign of the 0530 group, so I guess they stopped early and couldn’t handle the cold. Anyway, the sky was clear and the air was brisk, so we got down to business with the following:

Mosey around the parking lot to out Safe Spot
19 SSH, 12 Penny Picker, 10 IST, 10 Windmill, 10 4-count Merkin, 10 Low Slow Squat

The Thang – Iron-Q Day 2
Mosey to the bus parking lot. PAX Pair up
1. Partner 1 does merkins until Partner 2 runs to the bench and does 10 dips. Switch. Repeato till a total of 150 merkins are complete.
2. Partner 1 does jump squats until Partner 2 runs to the bench and does 5 star jumps. Switch. Repeato till a total of 200 jump squats are complete. (Note: Sparky started to complain so YHC called an audible and made the total count 150, just for the record)

Ladders OYO
10 Plank Jacks
20 Mountain Climbers (2=1)
30 Air Squats
40 SSH
50 Butt Kickers (1=1)
Repeato Flap-Jack
50 Plank Jacks
40 Mountain Climbers (2=1)
30 Air Squats
20 SSH
10 Butt Kickers (2=1)

AMRAP 60s (repeato 3x) 30s rest between sets
Merkins / Apolo Ohnos / Sumo Squats / Burpees

LBCs, Pretzel Crunches, Todd Beamers, Bad Broga

– we prayed for @Woodstock’s ankle, @Schoolbus’ collar bone, @Radar’s food allergy reaction, & @Shazam’s covid. Full and complete restoration and recovery.
– Afton Mountain Challenge is on Sat Jan 8th 8am at Afton Park
– The Gremlin is the following Sat Jan 15th.

– Powerball posted today and said he “lowered the median age of the group”… this was true. He was the baby of the bunch. Thanks for joining us today and supporting my Iron-Q. I think Sparky was relieved at not being the war baby anymore since Woodstock has been gone for a few weeks.
– When YHC got to the Burpee part of the bootcamp, some mumblechatter started and I simply stated it was on the weinke… My weinke made me do it.
– Brinkley was showing great form today… you would never know he just came back from surgery… STRONG!
– As always, it was a great honor to lead this fine group of MEN.


Slackblast! Circuits and Ladders, Highlands 0630 BC – Day 2 Iron-Q
Date: 01/04/22
Pax: @Powerball @Brinkley @Sparky @Snowsuit
FNGs: 0
Q: @Snowsuit
Count: 4