No Lift – No Gift! Highlands Mettle

9 full-sized men and one mini-me posted on a chilly Monday morning to get stronger this Christmas season.  Some are already on holiday, so still had to work.  But all put in the work.


Brief disclaimer and slow mosey.



SSH x 19

IST x 15

Penny Picker x 10

Mountain Climbers x 15

Low, slow squats x 10


The Thang:

Grab a kettlebell or dumbbell and do the following supersets.


Superset 1:

Crossover burpees x 5

Pullover sit-ups x 5

Clean and Press (single arm, alt arm each set) x 5

Single arm curls x 5

Repeato 4 sets


Take a mosey lap


Superset 2:

Seated overhead press x 10

Lawn mowers x 10

High rows x 10

Tricep extensions x 10

Repeato 3 sets


Superset 3:

Single arm bridged press x 10

Deadlifts x 10

Snatch x 10

Slow reverse curls x 10

Repeato 3 sets


Take a mosey lap


Superset 4:

Sumo squats x 5

Sumo curls x 5

Repeato 3 sets


Take a mosey lap




W x 15

Pretzel crunch x 10 each leg

Squirm x 10

LBC x 15




Mount Afton 1/8.  Raising money for mental illness.  It is Highlands service project for the month so please attend and donate.

Gremlin 1/15 in Mint Hill.

Prayers for everyone fighting health issues, mental issues, and struggling during this holiday season.


Always an honor to lead such fine group of men.  Even more honor leading my 2.0 through his first official F3 workout.  Welcome Zane!



Slackblast! No Lift – No Gift! Mettle
Date: 12/20/21
Pax: shazam Illuminati Gordo Moscow Mule Poutine Disaster Snowsuit Powerball FNG Zane SandBag
FNGs: 1
Count: 10


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