Adopt – A – Street beatdown followed by cleanup project 11-20-21

11 PAX plus honorary mention to @tootsie attended Last Call’s beatdown held at HCE instead of typical MCCP.  The reason for this was because the PAX and their families were going to participate in clean up of the Highland Creek Elementary and Ridge Road Middle school campuses as well as the street clean up of Shelley Avenue, Dogwood Road, Street Avenue, and Highland Creek Parkway (section between Dogwood and Shelley).  YHC took the PAX in a tour of what our project is going to look like and which PAX and family will be assign where.  After pretty dorn good disclaimer, plus explaining to the PAX that they are representing the F3 brand today, and ensuring that our clean up volunteers are acknowledge and feel welcome.  From there, we moseyed to the front of RRM for WARMARAMA.  @shazam and his twins 2.0s were assigned Highland Creek Elementary campus, which covered a large area.


  1. Mummy            IC  x19
  2. Skiers           IC  x15
  3. Prisoner Squats  IC  x11
  4. Trash Picker     IC  x10
  5. Smurf Jack       IC  x11
  6. Parker Peter     IC  x15

@buckwheat, his M Sabrina (aka FiA Snooze), and 2.0s Vulture an Mila were assigned the middle school front, sides, and back.  If they finish early, they go help with the track fields area.


Mosey toward bottom of Dogwood Road where partner 1 does 5 Power Plank while partner 2 lunge walk toward Dogwood Road.  Everytime partner 1 gets back to the Power Plank, we add 1 rep until we get to 10 reps. By the time we got to 10 Power Planks, we were at corner of Dogwood and Street AVenue.  As for the clean up project, @pavarotti and his lovely M Wendy would be assigned to clean up Dogwood Road. YHC’s M’s Elizabeth and 2.0s Chloe and Madeline would be assigned to clean up Street Aeenue along with FiA Haley, aka Comet in FiA world.

We then circled up in the recessed area at the end of Street Avenue.

Partner 1                       Partner 2 (Counter)  3 rounds

  1. People’s chair             Merkins x20
  2. Plank                      Jump Knee Tucks x20
  3. Bunny Hops                 Plank Jack x20

Mosey on Street Avenue with quick stop at both street “bumps” where we performed 20 jump squats at each street “bump”.  Mosey to corner of Street Avenue and Ridge Road.

Partner 1                       Partner 2 (Counter)  2 rounds

  1. Heels to Heaven            Donkey Kicksx20
  2. Side Planks                Freddy Mercury x20
  3. J-Lo                       Sumo Squats x20

Mosey to the Track where @illumati and 2.0 Colby will be assigned to trash pick up and Powerball and 2.0s Scratch and Pick 3 (made that up) would be assigned the track along with ONJ.

Partner 1                       Partner 2 (Counter)  2 rounds

  1. Plank Skiers               Tricep Dips x20
  2. Power Squats               Incline Merkins x20

Mosey to the corner of Ridge Road and Shelley Avenue

Partner 1                       Partner 2 (Counter)  2 rounds

  1. CDD                        Bobby Hurleys x20
  2. Mountain Climbers          Pick Ups x20

Mosey midway to Shelley Avenue, which will be the most dangerous one to clean up due to traffic and the amount of litter.  @Sully, @splinter, @brinkley, @sandman, @kleanup, and YHC were assigned to clean up of Shelley Avenue.

Mosey to the Playground area.

Partner 1                       Partner 2 (Counter)  2 rounds

  1. Pull Ups                   Dips x20
  2. Burpees                    Monkey Humpers facing Tootsie   x20

@buffalo bill and 2.0 Luke along with FiA tech and here 2.0s were assigned the playground area all the way to RRM temporary buildings.


  1. Crab Dancer IC x10
  2. Poutine Low Flutters IC x15
  3. Alt Toe Touches aka X-Factors IC x10



  • Thanks to those who attended the beatdown and the Adopt A Street project. We had around 30 people attend our first Adopt A Street project, which is fantastic!
  • Thanks to @tootsie for coordinating the food and beverage and making last minute trip to the store to get extra garbage bags. The city provided 40 large bags but we actually ran out.  The amount of litter around the schools and along those streets was incredible.
  • Thanks to the PAX who volunteered their time for this project. Special thanks to those who brought their M’s and 2.0’s
  • Thanks for our Comanche PAX @buckwheat who came to the beatdown with 2.0 Vulture and then brought is M Snooze and 2.0 Mila.  YHC love the cross AO involvement.  Having said that, the attendance at Comanche has been low as of late.  We know that “people bring people” so let’s make an effort to post at Comanche from time to time to help support their sustainability and growth.
  • Jonathan Hill from the city of Charlotte Adopt A Street has been fantastic to work with.  Their promptness to response and willingness to help support our project has been incredible. They have their act together for sure and that certainly help when coordinate such a project.  So T-Clap to Jonathan.
  • Our 2 Adopt A Street signs referencing F3 Highlands as a sponsor should be coming in a few months.  Just like everything else in supply chains, they are backed up.  When ready, the signs will be installed on Shelley Avenue by HC Parkway and at corner of Dogwood Road and Street AVenue.
  • The city will be picking up the trash this week after YHC calls 311 to inform our project was completed and where the trash piles are located.
  • We signed up to clean up those streets 3 times per year, which we also took it upon ourselves to clean up the school campuses.  Our next clean up project will be around March followed by another one around July.
  • It was not perfect by any means, so please submit your constructive feedback on how we can make it better next time.  By the time we get to our next project, we should have a new MQ in place at Highlands since my 2 years as MQ ends in March.
  • Buffalo bill son’s Luke won the drawing and the $20 gift card to AMC. The kids were provided a treasure hunt card where they checked off the garbage and recycle they picked up. Congrats Luke!
  • YHC was beat by @vulture on 100 meter race.  But @pavaratti saved the day by beating Vulture later on.  It was all in good fun and @vulture was good sports for taking on the challenges.
  • Lastly, the comments and feedback on Nextdoor has been fantastic. Thanks to all of you for being thru HIM and leaving our AOs and street in better condition than when we found them. As @powerball would say, Iron Sharpens Iron.  And as YHC would say, it takes a village.

Proud of all of you!

Love you brothers!