A spooky 13 for Halloween Boooocamp!

13 of Highlands spookiest attended the annual Booocamp lead by YHC for a second year in a row.  This year, YHC avoided wearing a costume due to lack of preparation, but in @alcatraz fashion, YHC had the backpack and the Halloween speaker and playlist . Some preparation was put into the boooocamp, which resembled last’s year boooocamp with a few edits!  A decent disclaimer was given in the dark and PAX were warned about creepy creatures, possible haunted hills, pumpkin patch, and possible tripping hazard created by creepy crawlers.  After stumbling with a few words during the disclaimer, we moseyed to the upper part of the MCCP parking lot for warmarama:


  1. Mummy IC x19
  2. Frankenstein IC x15
  3. Spider climber ICx15
  4. Gremlin IC x 12
  5. Bat Wings IC, then not, then whatever!  That was a cluster you know what by YHC, which brought some mockery and criticism, which were well deserved.


Gut Buster station: To the song of Ghostbusters!

PAX start the song in Boxer/Anxious stance.  Every time PAX year “Ghostbusters” PAX do 1 burpee. When they hear “I ain’t afraid of no ghost”, PAX do a Punch – Punch of the Ghosts.  PAX remain in Anxious (boxer) Stance during rest of the song. That was 4:04 Minutes, so the calves were burning.

Following the calves burner, we moseyed over to the Haunted Hill Station

Haunted Hill Station 

PAX run up the hill and perform one exercise x 13 reps then run back down the haunted hill and perform other exercise x13 reps. On second round, PAX run backward up the hill. Third round, Run back forward up the haunted hill.

  1. Startle Jumps x13 – Jason Twist x13
  2. Chucky Stabbers x 13 –  Frankenstein Plank Jack x 13
  3. Tanya Harding x 13 – Freddy Kruger x 13

While on top of the hill, PAX were heard by the soccer team in the parking lot making Startle noise during Startle jumps, then screaming Stab, Stab, Stab, during the Chucky Stabber,  and lasly yelling Why, Why, Why for the Tanya Harding exercise. Those poor soccer players had no idea what was going on since it was still very dark out there.  Luckily, the cops were not call.  Soccer players Ain’t afraid of no ghosts!   And snitches during Halloween!

We then moseyed to the road adjacent the baseball field.  PAX

Creepy Crawler Station

  1. Creepy Crawler – 1 Chucky Crunches followed by 13 Creepy Crawler  for about 50 yards
  2. 13 Zombie Plank Walk left – 13 Spider Crawlers then switch side and do
  3. 13 Zombie Plank Walk right –13 Spider Crawlers

We then moved on to the Bataan Death March

Bataan Death March

In memory of WWII where prisoners (Filipino and Americans) from Bataan in Philippine, were forced to walk until their death by the Japanese army.  Between 5,000 to 18,000 lost their lives during that grueling march.  So to honor those fallen soldiers, the line ups like we do for Native American Run but the last PAX would do 1 burpee, then run to tap the next PAX while on his way to front of the Bataan Death March.  The PAX were marching at decent pace while holding their hands above their heads.

The march ended at the Pumpkin Patch area, also know as rock area.  Each PAX were instructed to pick a pumpkin of generous portion.  Nobody was surprised when @murdock picked up a bolder size pumpkin. The PAX didn’t appreciate it too much since everyone got to workout with that pumpkin as we kept rotating to the right after each exercises.  We did 2 rounds of 13 reps of the exercises below.  YHC got to experience the bolder for Squat Thrusters, which the glutes and quads are still feeling it today following about 6-7 reps.

Pumpkin Patch:

Curls   OYO X13                                                 Shoulder Press OYO x13

Skull Crushers   OYO x13                                  Bent over row OYO x13

Chest Press   OYO x13                                       Squat Thrusters OYO x13

We moseyed back to the gate by the school where we did 13 Frankenstein walk followed by 13 Murder Bunnies since once again @murdock was asking where the Murder Bunnie had been. We performed about tandem 3 times.


  1. Dying Cockroach IC x13
  2. Creepy Dancer IC x13
  3. Werewolf IC x 6  The Werewolf is a combination of downward dog followed by cobra where the PAX would hallow at the moon, which could still be seen.  Once again, that generated some concerning looks by the young men on the soccer field.

Lastly, the song Enter Sandman was supposed to be played before Marry, but we ran out of time. To honor our friend @sandman, YHC played Enter Sandman in the parking lot as we were walking back to our cars on our way to Coffeetaria



  • Thanks to everyone for showing up!  This is one of my favorite beatdown due to the silly-ness,  the mumblechatter, and good beatdown.
  • YHC was excited that @sugarf3 seemed to have enjoyed a “theme” like beatdown with only 1 complaint that was overheard by @disaster.
  • YHC is still LOL at the sight of those soccer players that were looking toward the top of the hill wondering what were those weird noise coming from there.  @brinkley startle scream sounded very similar to a turkey.  But regardless, @brinkley win the award as best participant and contributor.
  • Pretty spooky that 13 PAX made it to the booocamp which had every reps x13
  • On more serious note, let’s continue to pray for @shazam and his family as they continue their battle to gain full custody of Josiah, who they have been foster parents for 3 years.  What your family is doing @shazam is showing amazing love!
  • Prayers for all of those who are suffering from various illnesses, from mental to physical.  Let’s continue reaching out to the PAX we haven’t seen in a while.
  • Please sign up for our community Adopt – A – Street project scheduled for November 20th. Bring the M and the 2.0s for full family event.
  • My apologies for leaving @disaster off the PAX list while listing @hammer twice.  YHC was so excited to see Hammer that he listed Hammer twice and omitted @disaster.
  • Good turnout at coffeetaria.  Let’s keep it up.  That is great 2nd F.
  • Lastly, we will try a No Repeat November on the Q sheet.  Let’s see if we can get everyone to Q.  Feel free to team up with someone else if you are not comfortable Qing.
  • Have a great week!