Running with Scissors every 7 years

Just about perfect weather this morning, slight chill, with a half moon dangling in the sky, with a celestial circle around it which @Detention was quick to notice and predict the forthcoming rain. All present (at least those who posted) and accounted for at 05:30:20.


I am not a professional, liable, responsible, reliable etc.


Quick mosey up to grassy area at HRMS.  Those old enough to remember @Kato, his mosey was like a sprint to the warm up circle.


SSH x15

IST x15

CP X10

RwS x10 (Running with Scissors – requires a little rhythm and humility – Tclaps to @Sugar and @Pox who were able to dust off the memory cells and demo this flawlessly.  What is it?  Got to show to know.)

The Thang

Put together 4 stations at the HRMS parking lot, the old meeting place.  2 stations with coupons, one with heavy, Big Bertha, for chest presses, the other with mid-size, for curls and tri extensions.  3rd station was very elusive to memory of YHC, but finally determined it was LBCs and Low Dolly’s.  4th station, calf raises and dips, on the steps.

Partners assembled, posted at their stations and remaining partner is the timer, relieving the curl/tri station and pushing the pair to the next station and so on.  Each station, partners do 10x of one exercise and switch to the other until relieved.  Chest presses, well, could switch rocks but easier to just keep pressing Big Bertha vertically than trying to maneuver it to the partner.

3 rounds, time is called.

Quick sprint across the parking lot, with @Sugar getting the @Gump jump on the start.   Well done!

Mosey back to home, no time for Mary.



Prayer Requests

@Loveseat has broken hand.  Hang in there, brother.  Looking forward to seeing you back.


7 years yesterday since my first post at RS.  @Pox, @Sugar, and @Whatley Sr. were there.  This workout was a repeat of that, hence the Running With Scissors extravaganza.  (link here, if interested ).  Keep the BB’s coming, never know who’s going to be looking for it years later.  Plagiarism is the highest form of flattery.

Thanks for showing, guys.  Everybody’s presence matters.  Nice thing about this workout is that you don’t have to count your reps, 10x is approximate, and you get a chance to chat with your partner, connect in a way that the beatdown doesn’t always lend itself to.

@Uggs, who was at my first workout and posted for a while, we shared the same anniversary day and year.  @MattressKing was an HVAC guy, and I actually saw @Gump at a restaurant in Davidson about a month ago, says his Advil-habit has stopped ever since he stopped doing F3.  Oh Well.

There’s also some workouts I remember from those days, this one not included.  @Kato had us walking around the parking lot, almost the whole time on our tip toes.  That was before plantar fasciitis became a thing, or maybe that’s why.  @Stretchy had the CBW cure, and of course @Pox’s pvc pipes and pushing around the yellow Mazda around the parking lot.

Not sure I have another 7 years in the tank, but will take what the Good Lord brings.

See you in the gloom.


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