Adopt A Street – Highlands Community Project Preblast

The fine PAX at Highlands have been slacking lately on their community involvement, and as the Highland MQ, YHC takes full responsibility for the lack of leadership in that regards.  The F3 mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.  We leave no man behind, and also leave no man where we found him. The same principle applies for our AO, meaning we should always leave our AO in better shape than we found it.  A lot of credit goes to our PAX for routinely picking up trash during or after our beatdowns at the schools, the Sports Club, and at MCCP.  Having said that, the streets around Highland Creek Elementary(HCE) and Ridge Road Middle(RRM) have accumulated a lot of litters over time and are in desperate need of some TLC.  Luckily for us, the city of Charlotte, Concord, and many other cities have Adapt A Street, Adapt A Stream and other programs where volunteers can help beautify their communities.

YHC worked with the Charlotte Housing & Neighborhood Services to adopt a few streets for us to maintain over the course of the year.  Jonathan and Laura at Charlotte Housing & Neighborhood Services have been fantastic and extremely helpful in providing guidance and assistance.  As of last week, and as part of Adopt a City Street Program, F3 Highlands adopted the streets around Highland Creek Elementary and Ridge Road Middle where we will provide litter pick up 3 times per year.  The streets we will clean up are Shelley Avenue, Dogwood Street, and Street Avenue.  We also have the section of Highland Creek Parkway between Shelley Avenue and Dogwood Street, but that section is usually clean since it is maintained by the landscaping company hired by Highland Creek Community.  In exchange for our services, the city of Charlotte will provide 2 street signs with Adapt A Street – F3 Highlands listed on the sign. We will display the 1st sign on the corner of Highland Creek Parkway and Shelley Avenue and the 2nd sign on corner of Dogwood Street and Street Avenue.  Additionally, the city will provide safety vests, recycle and trash bags, litter “grabber”, and will pick up the trash following the clean up.    Here’s additional detail on our community project.

Community  Project name:   Adopt A City Street – F3 Highlands

Date:  Saturday November 20th

Time:  8:30am – 11:30am

Location:  Highland Creek Elementary – Back parking lot

What to bring?  Closed toe shoes, Safety vest, gloves, bug spray, sunscreen, litter grabber (if you have one)

Who can attend?  Everyone is welcome including our Ms, 2.0s, friends, etc.  For safety precaution, children 12 and under will be working around the schools to limit exposure to the roads.  More information to come on that.  It would be pretty cool to make this a family affair where families can meet other families while making an impact in their community.  A special invitation will also be extended to FiA to join the effort.

Food & Beverages:  YHC is looking for ideas and volunteers related to food and beverages.  We can provide food  after our beatdown and before the start of our project, or provide food before and after the project, or simply after our project.  YHC need your input so we can coordinate accordingly.  YHC will post Google sign up sheet in order to have an idea on projected attendance for our community project, which will also be helpful with coordination of the food and drinks.

Last Call on November 20th will move from MCCP to Highland Creek Middle from 7:00am to 8:00 am.

YHC understands everyone is busy with kids activities and etc.  You have been giving plenty of time to prepare, so hopefully you can manage your calendar accordingly to make this a priority.  Doing so can also be a good lesson for our children where taking care of our community can be as important, if not more important that our soccer, baseball of other events.

Looking forward to our project!