Counting Up and Down with Disaster…and Hot Wheels

Twenty-three men showed up in the gloom at HCES this morning to help @Disaster celebrate his six year anniversary with F3 (again). One of them was dressed in full winter weather clothing (I’ll let you guess who). There plenty of visitors from Tradition, Skywalker, The Bridge, Lake Norman, and even one from Waco Texas. After the usual, well rehearsed disclaimer we were off on a quick mosey towards the Middle School parking lot for:


  • SSH IC X 19
  • IST IC X 10
  • WP IC X 10
  • WM IC X 10
  • MC IC X 10
  • Merkins IC X 10


We started off by celebrating six years of Disaster with six burpees. Next head over to the steps leading down from the parking lot. Pair up and do five calf raises on each step going all the way down for a total of forty. Air squats while you wait at the top and then monkey humpers while you wait at the bottom. This would have worked well with 8-10 PAX but with 23 it took a while to get through, since no one wanted to awkwardly bump their butt into another man’s face. We did some Rocky Balboa’s on the curb as well until everyone was done.

Next stage. Mosey over to the bottom of the haunted hill, which seemed extra dark today for some reason. Match up into groups of six by speed, faster guys first followed by the slower guys. Race to the top of the hill, stopping at the stop sign (ironic). Lunge walk down the street while we wait for everyone to finish.

Next stage. Wander over to the dead end cul-de-sac to get out of traffic. Jack Webb is an old Gump favorite that I decided to bring back out for old times sake. Circle up and complete one merkin then stand up (or kneel) and complete one air press. Continue the cycle, adding one exercise each time until you get to ten. The Q calls cadence on the merkins and the PAX calls cadence on the air press which in this case was apparently Hot Wheels since everyone else was too lazy to help out.

Mosey on down Street Street to the first speed bump and stop for six more burpees (yay!). Head over to the small hill behind the softball field. Eight-to-one ladder with Jump Squats at the top and WW2 sit ups at the bottom. Feel free to use the (wet) grass or the sidewalk. Plank for the six.

Mosey around the back of the softball field and up the hill to the bleachers beside the track. Split up between the front and the back of either set of bleachers. Fifteen dips on the front and fifteen inclined merkins on the back, then flip flop with the other team and do the other exercise.

I was going to do a little track work but we were running out of time so we headed back down the hill to the parking lot behind the middle school. Circle up. What goes up must come down. Webb Jacks this time counting down from ten merkins/air presses to one of each. It’s always more difficult than you expect it to be. A rogue jeep driver came through who was not expecting to see twenty three sweaty guys sprawling around in a circle when he turned the corner but there we were and no one got run over. Nothing to see here.

Mosey over to the front of the middle school and do LBC until the six arrives. Six more burpees for good measure (yay!) and then mosey back to the main parking lot for Mary.


  • Homer to Marge X 3 by amateur train conductor @Gordo. 70% of Highland Creek residents are now wondering who the hell Homer is and why he was being held against his will at 610AM. Luckily the cops did not arrive to investigate until after we had left.
  • The W IC X 12 (in honor of the undefeated Demon Deacons)
  • Low Flutter IC X 19

COT and Lord’s Prayer as a group


  1. Thanks to everyone who came out today to help me celebrate my sixth anniversary with F3 (@Pavarotti even brought coffee cake. How thoughtful!). It was a much larger group than I expected and it was nice to see some old faces back at Highlands again. Special welcome to new Texas resident @Dutch Boy who was in town for business and was nice enough to get up early and join us today. Well done sir.
  2. In case you were wondering, this is the most successful September for sports that I have had in fifty three years. Panthers are 3-0, Deacons are 4-0, and the Mariners remain in the wild card hunt. Nowhere to go but down from here but it’s been a great ride.
  3. Okay speech time. On September 26, 2015 I never expected that my first (reluctant) trip to F3 would have ever morphed into a six year experience. @Bootstrap and @Bling had nagged me for months to come out and join them and @Old School literally had to come pick me up in his jeep and drive me over to my first workout. I was undersized and out of shape and struggled to keep up with the rest of the PAX. But something clicked and I kept coming back and kept coming back. @Gump somehow convinced me that I could make it through the 530AM weekday workouts and still make it downtown for work by 8AM and now I’m posting four times a week pretty regularly. Thanks to all of you who have been a part of this journey with me. Sure I have gotten in much better shape (the M thanks you for that one) but even better I have made a lot of great friends and shared a lot of good laughs and had some great fellowship too. Thanks for putting up with six years of complaining, sarcasm, mockery, off color humor, and just plain stupidity. It’s been a lot of fun.
  4. That said if you know someone who could benefit from F3 (just like I did) don’t give up on trying to EH them. It took several months before I was willing to give it a try and it has changed my life. Not everyone will take to F3 as enthusiastically as I did but there are plenty of guys out there who need it so keep after it. And don’t forget to Q. F3 works best if everyone takes turns leading so if you haven’t led a beatdown in a while the Sign Up Genius is always waiting for you. Good luck!