Hey look! A Saturday backblast!

Nine men showed up at MCCP this morning on one of the nicest days of the year. Eight of them showed up on time (cough, @Woodstock, cough). @Pavarotti introduced us to his friend Steve, who is up from Texas to attend the Clemson/UGA game tonight. After we were able to dodge school buses long enough for the standard disclaimer (yes @Sandman, there will be running. You’re welcome) we were off on a quick mosey past the snack shack to the side parking lot for warmarama.


  • SSH IC X 19
  • IST IC X 10
  • WP IC X 10
  • WM IC X 10
  • MC IC X 12
  • Merkins IC X 12


We started with an old favorite from back when Speed was still called Speed in honor of @Pavarotti. Side shuffle around the first island, run backwards to the second island, side shuffle around the second island, then sprint to the Snack Shack.

We continued with an old favorite from back when @Murdock used to (seemingly) Q every single Saturday at MCCP. Partner up for figure eights. Three sets of wall sits with air presses, three sets of Bobby Hurleys, and three sets of LBC (no BTW today sorry). The segment somehow turned into a race between the Avalanche/Poutine team and the MASH/Disaster team, much to the Q’s disappointment. The @MASH team won in the end when @Poutine lost count and stopped after the eighth set. Regardless, there was way too much sprinting going on for that early in the workout. @Woodstock showed up as we were catching our breath, which worked out perfectly for the next segment.

Mosey to the original parking lot for the first set of three man grinder. Having nine PAX worked out perfectly (yay math!). Partner one goes to the third island for low flutter. Partner two stays home for merkins. Partner three runs to partner one and then switcheroo, weave style. Complete three sets of each exercise, or until the Q gets tired/bored and calls time, which was the same thing.

Mosey over to the small hill at the bottom of the parking lot. OYO complete five burpees at the top and then five WW2 sit ups at the bottom. Repeato X 3.

Mosey on down the road, stopping at the light pole for round two of the three man grinder. Partner one runs up the hill to the crosswalk near the fire hydrant for reverse crunch. Partner two stays home for carolina dry docks. Partner three runs to partner one and then switcheroo. Complete three sets of each exercise, or until the Q gets tired/bored and calls time, which was the same thing. The PAX began to notice that it paid off to be in the same grouping as the Q, who made sure that he did as little running as possible.

Mosey up to the split rail fence. 10 inclined merkins in cadence, followed by 10 dips in cadence, followed by 10 mason twists in cadence. Repeato.

Line up for a Native American Run down the hill to the rockpile. Everyone grab a rock, and then wave innocently as the park ranger drives by eyeing us suspiciously. Circle up and complete the following exercises with your rock, rotating two rocks to the right after each exercise.

  • 20 curls OYO
  • 20 overhead press OYO
  • 20 skull crushers OYO
  • 20 squats with rock OYO
  • Repeato

With the clock at 755AM, YHC had to squeeze Mary in as we made the long trek back to the parking lot. Mosey back up the hill, stopping along the way for the following exercises:

  • 20 Low Dolly OYO at the elementary school
  • 20 Box Cutters OYO at the bottom of the split rail fence
  • 21 W (Half of 42. Go Deacs!) OYO at the top of the split rail fence
  • 20 Crunchy Frog OYO at the crosswalk

Mosey back to the cars for COT and Prayer


  1. Thanks to everyone who showed up today. Sorry for all the running but your body will thank you later. The weather was absolutely perfect today
  2. Welcome to FNG Steve Walton, who will return to Texas with the new name of @John Boy
  3. Monday’s Mettle has been moved to 7AM for Labor Day so please make a note. @Woodstock will be celebrating his VQ that day so come out and show him your support.
  4. Lots of prayer requests today. Plenty of people are sick, battling COVID, and celebrating recovery. Also prayers going out to @MASH as he prepares for deployment with the army later this month. Thanks for your service brother.
  5. Lots of open spots on the Sign Up Genius this month so please sign up to Q if you haven’t done so in a while. F3 works better when everybody takes a turn so give it your best shot.