Birthday Q (55) at Pile Driver!

10 Pax came out for this week’s edition of Mint Hill – Pile Driver for a birthday Q (1 day early) by YHC.   Lots to celebrate and be thankful for as it seems that we are returning to more normal times.  We had a family wedding (niece) on Saturday, celebrated Father’s Day yesterday with the family and in-laws, and looking forward to my 55th birthday tomorrow. Preferred a boot camp for my birthday Q rather than tomorrow’s run/ruck so decided to take the Q today! YHC arrived at 4:45 for a solo ruck thru surrounding neighbor hoods, back to the park, around the track and over to the flags by 5:25 to get this party started.


We head over to the memorial area while a few stragglers arrived and joined us.

All exercises below done in cadence (x10-x15 each).

  • Low Slow Squats
  • Tempo Merkins
  • Plank Jacks
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Windmills
  • Hillbillies
  • Seal Jacks

The Thang

Part 1 -Over to the track for some 55’s:  15 jump squats, 15 merkins, 15 WWII sit-ups and 10 burpees – repeat  for 2x total

Part 2 – Cheddar Shredder with merkins, followed by pax broad jump across line of pax holding plank

Part 3 –  Over to the handball courts for balls to the wall (x2, 1st – hold for 10 count, 2nd – hold for 5 count) and wall sit with 5 air presses

Part 4 – Over to the tennis courts for Welsh Dragons (merkin, plank jacks, shoulder tap – R/L followed by bear crawl. We crossed 10 lines and added 1 rep for total of 10 at the end. Lunge walk back to the start and stopping for 5 Bobby Hurley’s at each line.

Part 5 – Pax relay races (split into two groups of 5 each).

1st round – run to the other end, 3 burpees and then back to start.

2nd round – bear crawl to the end and wait for the next pax to come thru.


No time for that today!


Name a Rama – video posted to Slack and Twitter!

Finished as always with prayer. Thanks – Tough Skins!

1. Prayers for everyone those that are sick, injured, in recovery and not able to come out today!

2.  Hornet has generously offered to have a pool party and BBQ at his house July 3rd. Same day as our upcoming convergence. See Slack for more details and connect with Othello / Tough Skins for donuts/coffee donation and planning for the convergence.

3. New Slack set-up in progress for new Mint Hill AO channel. Will also have 1 day (Thursday) with two different workouts (MASH – recovery workout at Arlington Baptist Church and The Gunnery – Boot Camp at JH Gunns school – Motown as site Q!)


  • Thanks for coming out this morning – appreciate all of the birthday wishes and looking forward to celebrating many more with my F3 brothers!
  • Always a privilege and honor to lead these HIM’s at Mint Hill!
  • I’m very grateful and blessed to be part of the F3 nation. It provides the stability, consistency, organization, discipline and brotherhood that I need in my life!